American Handgunner March/April 2013 Digital Edition - Page 56

Lion’s Lair The Jeremy D. Clough Jeff and Janelle cooper on the terrace of the Sconce. Designed by the late col. Jeff cooper, his home stands near the entrance to Gunsite Academy, where it remains as a memorial to the founder of the Modern technique of the pistol. Photo courtesy Mrs. Janelle Cooper. Inside Col. Jeff Cooper’sSconce I The Sconce t’s difficult to overstate the significance of Col. Jeff Cooper’s contribution to the handgun field. From creating the Leatherslap, the first practical shooting match, to the development of the Modern Technique of the Pistol, and later the founding of Gunsite Academy, up until his death in 2006, Col. Cooper was one of the paladins of the field, and his shadow stretches far across the landscape of the pistolero. A man of eclectic tastes, who prided himself as a great appreciator of things, there is one place where Cooper’s disparate interests can best be seen — in his home, the Sconce. Defined as — among other things — a “fortified defense,” or a defensive work built to defend a particular point, the house Cooper designed and built stands at Gunsite, where it commands the entrance into the shooting school. Maintained as something of a museum, the Sconce is still inhabited by his wife, the elegant Janelle Cooper, who, along with their youngest daughter, Lindy Wisdom, was kind enough to take me on a tour during a recent trip. Designed to be imminently defensible (Cooper’s WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • MARCH/APRIL2013 56

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