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CARRYOPTIONS FroM cLAssIcs to cUttING eDGe IN cArry MetHoDs sAMMy reese part of the magic is the well-padded back of the Jumbo helping to keep things comfy. Maxpedition Maxpedition’s Jumbo is bigger than a man-purse but not so big you’ll fill it with too much stuff. you’ll wear out before it ever will! the zippered gun pocket is a great place to stash a backup gun or other secret goodies. Hard Use Gear JusT riGhT t he adage “imitation is the greatest form of flattery” rings very true quite often in the gun/gear industry. It’s the nice way of saying someone stole my idea. If you take a look at the Maxpedition line created by Tim Tang, you’ll see his designs have been imitated quite often. I’ve found myself checking labels to verify certain products when I see them. Tim has been an innovator, so in turn — his designs have been copied for years. I don’t recall what my first piece of Maxpedition gear was, but I did a little inventory of my gear and I currently have a older worn (notice I didn’t say worn out) range bag — I’m on the range weekly and this bag always makes the trip with me. The briefcase is for when I have to actually look professional when visiting clients. My Doppelduffel has made more trips than I can count, including one to South Africa. My Sitka Gearslinger is my EDC (everyday carry) bag, and also made the trip to South Africa. I like Tim’s work. l CArryiNg guNs — ANd stuff he briefcase doesn’t scream tactical but it has a secret compartment for concealing an extra handgun. I used it to carry some files and paperwork when in court to testify. On one occasion I forgot to let the deputies know there was a gun in as it went through the X-ray screeners. I got a really strange look from the deputy until he realized it was just me in a suit and tie. The Sitka Gearslinger also has a hidden compartment for concealing an extra gun. This bag is the perfect size for day trips. Not too big so you overload it but not to small to be accused of carrying a man-purse. I’ve taken it to Disneyland a few times and it goes on all my road trips. The latest piece of Maxpedition I’ve been using is the Jumbo EDC. I know it says for everyday carry, and I’m sure it would work great in this capacity, but I use mine on the range deck while teaching classes. I carry my personal blow-out kit, as well as a med kit for fixing boo-boos on the spot. I stow a blue demo gun, timer, multitool and my water bottle. There’s also a little pouch for my beef jerky snacks! My first training officer told me to never go hungry — so I don’t. And don’t forget, there’s a compartment for an extra gun too. My blue gun resides there, but a real gun could also fit. So, why did I say extra gun? I’m not a fan of off-body carry for my primary gun. I prefer to keep my gun on me and use the bag for my backup or spare. To arm one of my non-CCW friends if stuff hits the fan? 46 t ike all Maxpedition products I’ve checked out, the Jumbo EDC is built to take what’s dished out. The carry strap is extra-wide and has an adjustable pad for added comfort. The backside is padded in order to keep from rubbing you raw over the course of the day. The Jumbo is big enough to do what I need, but if I want, I can hang more stuff on the side with MOLLE straps for additional pouches. A note of caution about carrying too much stuff: Ounces become pounds, and pounds quickly become pain! If you consistently overload your kit, you will begin to carry your gear less and less as it becomes a burden — and that’s when you will need something you’ve left behind. I don’t know exactly how many products Maxpedition now makes, but if you’re in the market for a bag to carry your stuff, they’ll always have something to fit your needs. Yes, it’s easy to purchase a cheap knock-off to save a few bucks. Believe me, I’m not made of money either and always look for the best deal I can get. However, quality gear may cost a bit more upfront, but will last longer perform better when you need it most. * For more info: www.americanhandgunner. com/maxpedition, (310) 768-0098 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • MARCH/APRIL2013

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