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TAFFINTESTS the Ruger 22/45 Lite. tHe sIXGUNNer HIMseLF: GUNs, GeAr & More JoHN tAFFIN Whether it is fed .22 Long Rifles or .22 Magnums Standard black sights in place of the factory the 91/2" Ruger Single-Six is an sights improved the groups excellent shooting sixgun. of the Single-ten significantly. note the thread protector on the muzzle. Ruger’s I f there is any doubt these are definitely the best of times when it comes to firearms one only has to look at the offerings from Ruger. Sixty years ago Ruger offered a choice of two .22s, the Flat-Gate Single-Six and the .22 semi-auto in either the Standard Model or Mk I with adjustable sights. That was it and it would be many years before Ruger offered anything other than iterations on the standard .22 Single-Six or the .22 semi-auto. Today everything has changed, and in the last year or so alone Ruger has offered four somewhat radically new .22 handguns. 22 Trail Guns Ruger’s .22 trail trio (top to bottom) consists of the 22/45 Lite, the SR22 and the Sp101. Trail Gun Bonanza r uger has recently come forth with what I feel are going to be very popular trail guns for anyone feeling a .22 is all they need. Add a few boxes of ammo, and you’re ready to go. The latter is what makes a .22 particularly appealing as a trail gun since an extra100 rounds adds very little weight. Try carrying 100 rounds of .44 Magnums! Ruger’s new .22s consist of two very lightweight semi-autos and two all-steel, not-so-light sixguns. Three of these have a capacity of 10 rounds or 10+1, while the other is an 8-shooter. So not only can we carry extra ammunition quite easily but all of these handguns are well above the standard six rounds. Below: the Ruger SR22 comes with two magazines, two mag finger extensions and two different grip sleeves. T 38 he Ruger SR22 is a compact pistol weighing only 17.5 ounces with a barrel length of 31/2". The frame is black polymer, the slide is black- LIGHTEN UP finished aluminum, while the barrel is stainless steel. Magazine capacity is 10 rounds and Ruger supplies two magazines with each pistol, along with finger extension buttpads for each magazine. The ambidextrous magazine release is found at the junction of the rear of the trigger guard and the front strap and is easily operated. The grip is quite different as it’s not molded as part of the frame, but rather is a grip sleeve fitting over a stud on the frame, held in place by two detents. Ruger supplies two of these grip sleeves, one slightly larger by having a more rounded backstrap. To change these grip sleeves — and it does require some effort to override the detents — one grip sleeve is simply pulled off the frame and the other one is pushed into place. They provide a most comfortable feeling grip and are plenty big enough for my large hands. Sights are of the 3-dot Continued on page 98 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • MARCH/APRIL2013

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