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Favorites: THESIXGUNNER JoHN tAFFIN Replica this pair of stainless steel cimarron .45 Model ps have been fitted with Buffalo Brothers faux ivory grips. Single action SixgunS c hoosing favorites is not always easy. Sometimes I can pick one favorite while other times it will be several. With that in mind we herein look at “Taffin’s Top Replica Single Action Sixguns.” Please note they are replicas, not clones — the latter is a biological term and until we can get steel sixguns to reproduce themselves it’s the wrong terminology. The early copies of the Colt Single Action revolvers were somewhat lacking in authenticity. In fact, all those early “Single Actions” were fitted with brass grip frames such as had originally only been found on cap and ball revolvers. The original Colt Model of 1873 was always fitted with a steel grip frame. With the coming of Cowboy Action Shooting and also the diligent work of several importers, both the authenticity and quality of replica sixguns and leverguns have improved tremendously. Actions are much smoother, finishes look more authentic, instead of the very poor quality case coloring found in the 1970s. Dimensions and shape are also held very closely to what they were in the 1870s. Most importantly, grip frames on Single Action Army replicas are now steel. Replica single actions fitted with 1860 Army grip frames: uSpFA .44 Special in tombstone Leather holster flanked by a cimarron original finish .44-40 and a second uSpFA chambered in .45 colt. the first S&W single-action replica was the Schofield Model, here fitted with Buffalo Brothers grips. Excellent Work T oday’s Single Action Army replicas are so well finished one has to look carefully to make sure they are actually foreign “Colts” and not domestic versions. I am particularly fond of the 71/2" copies when chambered in .45 Colt, .44-40, .38-40 and .32-20 which were the top four chamberings of the original single actions. However, in this piece I’ll be looking at other replica single actions. Before the 1873 Peacemaker arrived, Colt offered both Richards and Richards-Mason Cartridge Conversions on their 1860 Army percussion revolvers by fitting new cylinders and loading gates. These were followed by the 1871-72 Open Top. All of these revolvers were topless, that is there was no top strap. All of these are now, or have been, available as replicas and they make a most interesting shooting connection with the past. Because of their construction definitely use standard loads only! Two of my favorite replica Single Actions are a mismatched pair somewhat out of the ordinary. These Ultimate Single Actions are from American Western Arms (AWA) and deviate from the norm in they are fitted with Continued on page 88 Replicas of the 1875 are available in blue or nickel plating; these are by eMF and navy Arms respectively. 34 Replica cartridge conversions compared to an original from the 1870s. navy Arms Model #3 Russian with eagle Grips ultraivory grips compared to an original .44 Russian from the 1870s. WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • MARCH/APRIL2013

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