American Handgunner March/April 2013 Digital Edition - Page 120

theinsider Continued from page 122 Get Some Training W e often challenge you to seek professional training and don’t just rely on articles and videos to stay prepared. But while many assume we mean the “big” schools like Gunsite or Thunder Ranch, we also include good quality regional schools that dot our 50 states. The hitch is picking out a good one. So, I chose one at random from the internet, near me, as a test, and did my research. I’d also like to point out I by-passed several others after a quick look. Central State Training Group caught my eye, and is based in Pretty Prairie Kansas, headed by Jason Perry. They have a very solid website ( and that’s important. It takes effort to build an maintain a good website. Jason’s qualifications are solid too, with a good deal of law enforcement experience (including commanding a tactical team), attending many training venues, is a state CCW instructor, has been certified to teach firearms through the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center and has other accomplishments which serve to help vet his experience. His staff seems to be equally qualified. Their courses cover a broad range of areas, from very basic four hour firearm classes, to multiple day classes for handgun, rifle or shotgun, concealed carry classes and even a women’s self-defense course. They can teach at a facility near you, or you can attend one at their location. Prices are very fair. After my initial research, and after chatting with owner Jason Perry, if I were in the market for training, especially the basics, I’d trust his organization. And it’s as simple as that. Find a few schools in your general geographic area, then do your homework and vet them. If their credentials seem thin, their website unprofessional (or non-existant!) and they don’t post student comments or have photos of their classes — run away! But mostly just do it, and augment your video library and what you read with some real-world instruction. ADD IT UP Assaultsoncopsin2011 54,774 79.9% 72 77 64 10 8 Suspectsusedonlyfists,hands orfeetduringattacks. Officerskilledinthelineofdutyin2011. Assailantsidentifiedinthe murdersofthoseofficers. alled the S&W Range Jacket, it’s really made for CCW work, although you could certainly wear it to the range too. It’s got stretch panels in the shoulder areas so you can move easily (can you say “draw your gun”?), pockets for your roscoe and ammo, elbow pockets for removable pads (I told you it was purpose-built), and cool touches like the zipper pulls are made from the hammers of classic pistols and the lining has blue-print drawings of old guns. It all goes together nicely and looks like some sort of rugged outdoor or ranch chore coat — but with some good ideas tucked away here and there. For more info: c s&W ccW JAcKet Assailantswithpriorcriminalarrests. Numberofhotdogsinapackage. Numberofbunsinapackage.Gofigure. Handgunnerreadersplanning onbuyingarevolversoon. 38% 44% Handgunnerreaderswhoreload. 120 don’t have a range permanently set up here as I sorta’ hate the eyesore of it (I know, but don’t hate me for saying it). Consequently I simply set up a portable target or targets when I need to do some shooting, then break things down afterward. Keeping things simple is important for this chore. Forester Target Stands are a perfect example of simple, but add in easy and tough. Made of a tough composite polymer that does not rot or rust, they feature a simple friction-fit that can be set up and taken down in about a minute or less. A target includes two sets of durable 5-foot composite uprights that can take mulitiple hits before breaking. Retail on the base model is $45 plus shipping and handling and there is a model with a heavier base for $55 offering better wind resistance. Travis, from Forester, says Handgunner readers can get a good price break by ordering and using “HANDGUNNER10” for the coupon code. Their website is or call (888) 901-4463. WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • MARCH/APRIL2013 I Good Target Stand

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