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American Handgunner March/April 2012 Digital Edition - Page 72

w handLOadInG 3 6 1 GOt EMPtIES? FILL ’EM UP! JOhn COnnOR GEaR & GOOdIES FOR handLOadERS S o, now that you’re really skilled at turning loaded cartridges into smokin’ empty hulls, what are you gonna do with those buckets of brass? Why not fill ’em up, top ’em off, and get two or 10 or a dozen more trips to the range out of ’em? I’ve done some reloading myself, but I bow to the experience of my pal MacKenzie, who churns out mounds of munitions — 1,000 rounds per week or more. When asked the top three tips he’d give to gunners thinking about handloading, he said: “First, read The ABC’s of Reloading by Rodney James or Modern Reloading by Richard Lee, to learn the process. Second, go to or www.midwayusa. 5 4 com and create an account. Even when the manufacturer’s stock bins are bare, they usually has it in stock at bargain prices with fast delivery. Third, buy a bullet puller, because you’re gonna screw something up!” I’ll second that! Now here are some goodies for you! thetimeyoureadthis,LeePrecision’snew, expanded Classic Turret Press Kit will be available, designed to take you from start up to 200 rounds per hour with economy andconfidence.Andifyou’reshortofroom, check out Lee’s space saving, 3-legged ReloadingStandtoo! If you’re starting from scratch, don’t 1 waste time and money buying individual components for your first setup. By The Lock-N-Load AP by Hornady is 4 2 a professional-grade, auto-indexing 5-station progressive press capable of bangin’out500roundsperhour!Features includetheirno-adjustmentUniversalCase RetainerSpringwhichallowsyoutoeasily remove and reinsert cases of any size at any point in the process, and a powder dispenser that 72 7 won’tallowyoutodumpgunpowderifyousorta’ to a slick sheen, using crushed walnut shell or forgettoinsertacartridge! corncob tumbling media. The 4-quart bowl will accommodate 1,000 9mm or 600 .45 ACP hulls, Pickoutasetofreloadingdiesforyourchosen and many reloaders rate it higher than others at caliber, and make sure they include a carbide twicetheprice. sizingdie,whichwilleliminatethewholecase-lubing headache and double cleaning your empty brass. Both handloading novices and veteran carSeveralmakersofferhighqualitydies,likethisset tridge-crunchers will appreciate the iSD Elecfor.454Casull,madebyRCBS. tronic Powder Dispenser by SmartReloader USA. Both a precision scale — accurate to .1 grain You can seat new primers using your press, — and dispenser, it’s invaluable for cautiously but many savvy reloaders prefer the sure feel workingupcustomloads,anditson-boardchipwill affordedbyahand-primer,toassureyouofperfect rememberupto50ofyourfavorites! seating. Lee Precision’s AutoPrime has been the “Gold Standard” for many years, and their new Put a Lyman Magnum Inertia Bullet Puller ErgoPrime shown here, promises an even more on your must-have list because — here’s a certain feel. It comes with visible primer trays and shocker — everybody makes mistakes! You just no-tools-neededchangingofshellholders. loaded a hundred rounds with the right amount of thewrongpowderorviceversa?Thishandytoolwill Save yourself hours of hand cleaning dirty safelypulltheslugsandseparateyourcomponents brass with a Berry’s 400 Tumbler. Smoothly, with a couple of sharp taps on the workbench — quietly and efficiently, the vibrating action and it won’t laugh at you, or rat you out to your cleans and polishes your grungiest empties shootingbuddies! 3 6 7 5 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • MARCH/APRIL2012

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