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American Handgunner March/April 2012 Digital Edition - Page 55

JOhn COnnOR 6 SPanKY nEW & tRIEd-and-tRUE aMMO 5 aMMO: thE handGUnnER’S SOUL FOOd our roscoe of choice or simply the “weapon at hand” may be an Ortgies 7.65, a veteran Smith & Wesson Model 10, a Kimber Super Carry or a refurb’ed Gen-1 Glock 17. As long as that shooter is sound, most handguns can be adapted to a wide range of purposes. Whether your training is military, law enforcement, sporting competition, self-defense or just down-home basics, the fundamentals of grip, sighting and trigger control are the same, and if your head’s screwed on straight, you and that gun can be effective on tin cans, targets or terrorists. But then there’s the ammo factor. Weather and thick clothing are serious considerations in choosing personal defense ammo. Penetration and ricochet characteristics figure heavily in defense of your home. Magazine capacity and caliber should be taken into account when assessing terminal bullet performance too. Practice and training ammo can be matched as closely as possible to your primary ammunition for consistency in recoil effect and point-of-aim/point-of-impact. There are a host of considerations, but happily for us, there’s an even greater host of choices! You and your roscoe may be omnivores or picky eaters, but just have a taste of these offerings — there’s some soul food here for you both! 7 3 1 Y Sowho’sthegunwriterwhofirstwarnedyouofthecomingZombie Apocalypse?Huh?Youmayhavescoffed,butHornadylistened!Their new Zombie-Max Certified Zombie Ammo comes in 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP plus rifle calibers. It’s clean burning, low-flash premium performance ammoyoucancountonwhentheundeadcomeshufflingandmoaningthrough ChenCustomsASYMammunition.Ihaven’thadtheopportunitytoshoot any yet, but some picky-particular folks like Jason Burton of Heirloom yoursplintereddoorsandshatteredwindows… Precision,andourownPublishingPotentateRoy-Boyraveaboutit.Huh. Forallyoufolkspackin’sweetlittle.22WMRpoppersliketheNorthAmer- Maybe,umm…weshouldtryit? ican Arms “Black Widow,” go check out the new Gold Dot high-velocity, From.25ACPto.500Smith&Wesson,MagSafe’sDefender, jacketed hollowpoint load from Speer. Optimized for SWATandMAXloadsgiveyouthreechoicesofperformance 2" barrels, it delivers deep penetration with controlled characteristics, and one guarantee: outrageous effectiveness. expansionandhighweightretention—atonofpower Shownhere,MagSafe’s210-grain.500S&WDefenderround inatinypackage! packs25piecesofplated#2shotintoa2,150fps power-punch! You’ve seen Hallmark’s all-occasion greetingcards,right?Well,CorBonhasyour Black Hills red boxes signify all-new facall-occasion handgun ammo. At left, deep-pentory ammo, while the blue boxes contain etrating solid DPX rounds with hollowpoints you highest-quality remanufactured rounds. I think could sip brandy out of; at center, smooth-feeding fast-expandingPow’RBallisdigestibleinvirtuallyanypistol,andat I’ve shot enough of both in .45 ACP, .223 and .308 to wallpaper a right,that’stheirGlaserlow-penetration,low-ricochet,almostexplo- redroomandablueone,andIcantellyouwhattheyshare:Nevera misfire,neverasquib,notevena“CrazyCharlie”flyer—never!That’s sive,frangibleammo. no surprise, because since Black Hills began on Jeff and Kristi HoffWilson Combat says quality with great authority, and their .40 man’s kitchen table, to the tons of ammo produced today, not a single S&Wammoisafineexample.Loadedwitha140-grainBarnes roundleavesthefactorywithoutahumaneyeballhaving TAC-XPslugsmokin’outofa5"barrelat1,200fps,it’scontrollable, squintedatit.That’sBlackHillsquality! superblyaccurateanddelivershavocon-target. For more info: index and click on the company name. Go to www. the finest custom pistols around, and now and click on the Web Blast he’s putting his penchant for precision into Stan link to see more great ammo by more great makers! 1 2 3 4 6 7 4 * 2 5 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM 55 55

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