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American Handgunner March/April 2012 Digital Edition - Page 120

ADD IT UP Democratsowningfirearms(frompoll). theinsider Continued from page 122 40% 55% flash. Hmm … maybe velocity isn’t that important after all? Before you get hysterical, think this over some more and hang-loose until we run that stopping power article soon. Unless you’re approaching rifle velocities, why beat yourself and your handguns up worrying about a gain of 100 or even 300 fps or so? A 950 fps bullet of adequate design will stop someone virtually as well as the same bullet at 1,250 fps, and sometimes better — so it’s time to stop worrying. If you’re hunting, velocity and bullet construction can be very important, but not as much as you might think. We’ll talk about that another time. A bunch of stuff to think about, I’d say? Republicansowningfirearms(frompoll). CeineR ARReSTed onathan Arthur Ceiner, Inc. is known for making .22 conversion units, J however the company’s lack of customer service has always generated complaints among our readers. Well, it seems your complaints were wellfounded, as the owner, Mr. Ceiner, was recently arrested by officers of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office and charged with “ …schemes to defraud less than $20,000, which is a third degree felony.” There you go. $305,000 $185,400 MedianvalueofhomesinUS. Medianvalueofhomesownedby OccupyprotestorsarrestedinNY. CaDeN CommeNts P aysm ammo n the “shamless endorsement of staffer ’s kids” department, we have 1-year-old Caden, and he’s already a veteran at checkin’ out Handgunner. Even though Caden ain’t exactly old enough to talk yet, his expression pretty much says it all, when he was told how much that Les Baer cover gun cost. “Slivitzblub-blithesska … burp!” is the best we can figure what he said. Might translate to, “Geez … that’d buy a lot of animal crackers, Mom!” You listenin’ Les? 4,500 TroopdeathsinIraq. TroopdeathsinAfghanistan. 1,700 Combinedwarcostssince9/11/2001. Over $1 Trillion Warvetsfeelingneitherwar wasworththesacrifices. 32% 1.9 million Numberofknownspecies ofallkindsonEarth. Chanceof“positive”eating experiencewithPrimebeef. istolsmith Stan Chen, of Stan Chen Customs, is now crafting some of the absolute finest limited edition ammo around. It’s consistent, accurate and virtually handmade. My favorite load, the .45 ACP SDX, has a 185-gr. Barnes solid copper HP. I just walked in from chrographing some from a 5" Les Baer 1911: 998 fps, 994 fps, 1,001 fps, 998 fps and 995 fps. That consistency bodes well for accuracy, quality and reliability. More and more custom pistolsmiths are using ASYM ammo as their benchmark for accuracy testing. We can see why. chen-customs i 98% 29% Urban Survival M IL-TAC’s “Urban Survival Pack” (basic) is just that — about everything you’d need in one handy spot when the tornado hits. It’s filled with MIL-TAC goodies like the MTF-2 folding knife, TDP-1 Defense Pen, Inova X-1 LED light, all-weather notebook and an SOG Multi-Tool, neatly held in MIL-TAC’s Utility Pack. Priced separately it all ads up to over $400, but as a kit, it’s about $270, a screamin’ deal. One-stop shopping, as it were, and all top quality products! mil-tac WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • MARCH/APRIL2012 Chanceof“positive”eating experiencewithChoicebeef. 120

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