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American Handgunner March/April 2012 Digital Edition - Page 112

GUNNYSACK roy huntington wooden lasers? o kay, not really wooden lasers, but certainly “real” wood Lasergrips from Crimson Trace. Normally we’re familiar with Crimson Trace’s Lasergrips living in neatly molded plastic of some kind, but their new Master Series is actually made of exotic laminates and stabilized wood. The Master Series is available in Rosewood and G10 and will fit full-sized 1911s (Government and Commander), compact models and, for the first time ever, the Bobtail models. The Master Series is precision machined, and the test sample fit our Officer’s ACP-sized gun perfectly. The photo shows a set of wood grips (from Wicked Grips) for comparison. You can see the Crimson Trace grips do reflect a real wood look — because they are! The stabilization process hardens the wood, making it perfect for machining for a seamless fit, offering great wear resistance, and I’d think it would be pretty much impervious to water or most gun cleaning solvents. The “guts” of the laser system remain classic Crimson Trace, and the over-molded activation button assures normal activation just like their other Lasergrip systems. We’ve long been proponents of laser aiming systems on defensive handguns, especially backup guns. The new Master Series simply makes the concept more attractive — perfect for a custom gun or simply if you want to be nice to yourself! For more info: A Chronograph Designed to Accurately Measure a Wide Variety of Projectiles. ProChrono Digital - $119.95 (model # CEI-3800) • Accurate velocity measurement for ri es, pistols, arrows and shotguns. • Easy to set-up & use with a HUGE shooting area. • Data for each shot string includes review, average, standard deviation, & extreme spread. • Memory Capacity of 9 shot strings, with up to 99 shots per string. • Durable plastic light di users are included. • Upgrade with these accessories! Customize your chronograph to suit your needs Debris Shield USB Interface Digital Remote Indoor Lighting Kit The Economical Alternative! (model# CEI-3900) The ProChrono Pal - $99.95 815.874.8001 • 112 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • MARCH/APRIL2012

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