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American Handgunner March/April 2011 - Page 44

CARRYOPTIONS Sammy Reese Simply Rugged’s Sourdough Pancake rig. FROM CLASSICS TO CUTTING EDGE IN CARRY METHODS Simply Rugged The Name Holsters Says It All ometimes a name says it all. In the case of Simply Rugged Holsters, I’d say Rob nailed it. Simple and rugged are two words applying to many things I use in my daily life. I tend to look at gear from the perspective of how it will hold up under “field” conditions — Marine or cop proof, if you will. In an age when almost everything is made to be recycled, longevity tends to be the last thing on the on the minds of many manufacturers. For example, “we” sold our “older” perfectly working refrigerator/freezer for a new “cooler” energy-efficient one. It gave up the ghost in the first 20 days, and ruined a full load of food. Its replacement did the same but only it took 70 days — again ruining a full load of food. So much for built to last. S hen I opened the box from Simply Rugged Holsters, I was impressed the moment my eyes and hands first touched the Sourdough Pancake Holster. I knew at that moment, the testimonials on Robs website were the real deal. Other than being met by one of my favorite smells — that heady leather and dye combination — I saw this holster was made to take anything I could dish out. Rob use 8-10 ounce steer shoulder leather to create this Mack Truck of a holster. His process of tightly molding each holster to the specific gun it’s made too tote around eliminates the need for a retention strap. But, there’s an option to add one available, if you want. I was a bit skeptical at first, so I put my 4" Model 29 in the holster, held it upside down over my bed and shook the holstered gun as hard as I could (over According to the bed, thank you Sammy, this is Hannah’s “mean” face. Simple & Rugged W very much), until I got tired of doing it. The gun didn’t fall out but I assumed the gun would have shifted at least a little bit. You know what happens when you assume — the gun didn’t budge. A holster this tight must be a bear to draw from, right? My thought was being so tightly molded, it was going to be extremely difficult to draw the gun from the holster. I was wrong — again. I’m getting tired of this being wrong thing. The big gun was kept secure, and the draw stroke was smooth, not requiring any Herculean effort. Carrying a large frame revolver isn’t an easy task. I wore my 4" Model 29 exposed on the range, and for grins, concealed under a jacket. With the right cover garment, I was actually able to pull it off. I have to say, I didn’t feel under-gunned with “only” six rounds of 240-grain JHPs, and six more in a quick strip, in my pocket. I’ve been using this holster as often as I can, doing my best to wear it out. I don’t think I’m going to be able to, but that’s not a bad thing. Rob included what he calls “insideout straps” for converting the holster into an inside-the-waistband holster. I’m usually not a fan of “dual- use” holsters. I’ve found the hybrid designs usually have to compromise something to make both functions work. Once again, I wrong, geez. I didn’t spend much time wearing the holster IWB though. The crash which ended my police career also ended my IWB carry days. I can pull it off for short period of time, but the 10-hour days are a thing of the past. The inside-out-strap design put the gun in a usable position, kept it locked into place with heavy-duty leather straps and hardware giving the option of on the belt or IWB carry. I’m 0-for-3 in the assumption department, and in this case I’m glad I struck out trying to poke holes in Rob’s holster design. ob perfected his holster-making technique while living in R Alaska, a place where a gear failure could mean you don’t make it home. He knew the equipment must be as tough as the Alaska Tough people depending on it. I’d say Rob got it right. Rob makes holsters for any barrel length revolver made by Smith & Wesson, Colt, Ruger or Taurus (including the Judge). He has more options listed on his website then I have room for here. He also makes several designs for semiauto pistols, as well. Being the patriot he is, Rob donates holsters to, who send the holsters to guys on the pointy end of the spear. * The back is, well … simply rugged too. Not too much extra time is spent on the pretty side of things. For more info: simply Rugged Holsters (928) 227-0432, 44 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • MARCH/APRIL2011

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