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American Handgunner March/April 2011 - Page 42

John Taffin HANDLOADING The NWCP 300 and 260-grain rebated boattail .452" bullets. Notice the deep crimping grooves and knurled surfaces to keep bullets from jumping the grip under recoil in the Belt Mountain .45 and .475 bullets. SAGE ADVICE FROM THE HANDLOADING GURUS True CusTom BulleTs B What John Likes F 42 ob Sauter of Northwest Custom Projectile (NWCP) offers a totally different style of bullet as well as different configurations for different applications. NWCP bullets are of more conventional materials — copper with a lead core — however there is nothing conventional about his designs. Bob not only offers plain-based bullets but also a RBBT, which is a rebated boattail. All handloaders know what a rifle boattail looks elt Mountain Punch bullets are turned from solid brass one at a time like, but I don’t know of anyone else who on a lathe. The base is then hollowed out resulting in a core filled has ever offered the same design for handgun with lead while the nose of the bullet is basically solid brass. The bullets. I first used these for loading heavy resulting Punch bullets are designed for one application, namely deep bullets in the .45 ACP and covered them in penetration on large heavily muscled and boned critters. Being made one the Sept/Oct 2007 Taffin Tests. at a time they are neither cheap nor designed for casual plinking; load NWCP bullets may be custom ordered as them, sight in, and go hunting. Kelye’s newest offering is a 270 grain to wall thickness according to their intended .430" designed mainly for the .44 Magnum. This bullet is already being use. A full house loaded .454 requires a much offered in loaded ammunithicker wall than a standard .45 Colt. If the Excellent accuracy with the tion by Grizzly Cartridge latter is pushed to the maximum in a .454, Belt Mountain Punch Company and clocked out bullets can come apart, while the former in a Bullet in the at just under 1,400 fps from 1,000 fps loading will probably not expand. Freedom my 71/2" Freedom Arms .44 Bob can custom tailor any bullets to the cusArms .454. Magnum. You may recogtomer’s specifications. For the .45 NWCP not nize this name from Belt only offers the 260-grain RBBT Scorpion for Mountain Base Pins for SA regular hunting use, there is also the Manrevolvers. Kelye Schlep runs Stopper, which is basically a full wadcutter both side of the business. with an obscene hollowpoint. These are not Other Punch bullets for long range accuracy but rather reasonably offered for sixgunners are a close maximum effectiveness. In the .50, the 300 grain .430", 305 and 320 grain .452" for the .45 Colt, .454 Casull and ManStopper is also offered, as well as a 350.460 Smith & Wesson; 380 grain .475" for the .480 Ruger and .475 Linegrain flat-based, flat-tipped hunting bullet. baugh; 420 grain .500" for the Freedom Arms .500 Wyoming Express and I have tested the NWCP 260 HP .45 Colt .500 S&W; and a 458 grain .510" for the .500 Linebaugh. All of these bulbullet in several Ruger Blackhawks. Loaded lets feature deep crimping grooves and in some cases a knurled gripping over 10.5 grains of Hodgdon’s Universal. it surface around the lower clocks out at just under 1,100 fps part of the bullet, which from a 71/2" barrel and puts five fits inside the case shots into just under 1" at 25 yards. so they stay in place Going to opposite extremes, this under heavy recoil. bullet over 6.0 grains of Universal in the .45 Auto Rim is a pleasant shooting 800 fps from a 4" S&W Model 25 and does 1,480 fps with Big bores are famous for 35 grains of Hodgdon’s Li’l Gun their accuracy loaded in the .460 S&W. In both and the NWCP cases 25 yard groups are right at loads delivered 1". In the 83/8" S&W .500 the 350 the goods. grain Soft Point over 30 grains of H4227 is just under 1,300 fps or my personal use I load the Punch bullets somewhat conservatively, while staying well under 1" at 25 yards. however they will still provide more than adequate penetration on For serious sixgunners, especially for anything I am likely to hunt This includes the 320-grain .45 Colt Punch hunting, one or both of these companies can bullet over 22 grains of H4227 for 1,170 from a 45/8" Blackhawk and 1,250 offer custom bullets which will from a 71/2" .45 Colt. For the .454 in the 43/4" Freedom Arms I increase the get the job done. powder charge to 26 grains to give me 1,325 fps, and for my .475 Linebaugh with the same barrel length 25 grains of the same powder with the 380-grain For more info: Belt Mountain Punch (406) bullet does 1,175 fps. 388-1396, For a full house loading of the .454 I use the 305 grain over 30 grains of beltmountain; nWCP (406) 723-8683, H110 for over 1,650 fps from a Freedom Arms Model 83. Any of these loads deep or complete penetration along with excellent accuracy. customprojectile NWCP Bullets B * WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • MARCH/APRIL2011

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