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American Handgunner March/April 2011 - Page 109

GUNNYSACK W Roy Huntington e’re overwhelmed with lights of all sizes, shapes and performance, and it’s often hard to decide what to buy. One thing I’ve noticed is if you try to think what you need a light for, and then look at models meeting your needs, it’s not a bad way to do business. I’ve found over the years — and dozens of flashlights later — like most things, simple seems to be best. I find myself increasingly frustrated by lights with so many functions, I can’t even turn the damn things on and off without having to go through a series of shenanigans. On/Off is a good thing. I’ve found an easy method or switch to get from “burn-your-eyes-out” high to more realistic light levels, is important. These days I generally use the small one cell CR123 lights or single AA lights as personal, daily carry lights. And they supply most of the light you’ll ever need. But, it’s always good to have a bigger, versatile light around, with longer burn time. Bluestone (a new guy on the block) is offering what is a very practical sort of personal or “home” light, handling any chore I can think of. While not a true “combat” light, it would certainly take care of business if you were Sam and Suzi Homemaker with a .38 by your bed. Called the “AT7” or “InCharge,” it’s sort of fist-sized (that’s a .44 Mag round BLUESTONE INCHARGE in the picture), has an anodized aluminum body and can be quickly adjusted from a wide to very focused beam. The best part is it can go from 130 lumens (really bright) to about 15 lumens (bright enough to do most light work you’ll usually need) by simply holding the on/off switch down. On high, it will burn 4 hours and on the lowest setting about 20 hours. It’s all done with Cree LED technology and a Ni-MH rechargeable battery. The really neat part is it charges just by sitting the bottom end into a base that charges using induction technology so there’s no clamps or clips or contacts. Sorta’ like an electric toothbrush charges. It has a “blinky” mode if you want it (honestly, why does my light have to flash S-O-S?), but you can easily ignore it and simply have a rugged, easy to manage, easy to charge personal or “house” light in one package. It’s brand new, and will retail for $89.99. For more info: Bluestone, (available through sears) The Bidding Starts Now.®® is the world’s largest, most popular online firearms auction, with hundreds of thousands of firearms and accessories up for auction every day, and more being added all the time. Handguns for law enforcement, self-defense, plinking, competition, collectors…they’re all here. You’ll also find magazines, cleaning supplies, holsters and more, all at WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM 109

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