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American Handgunner March/April 2011 - Page 107

GUNNYSACK POWDER RIVER PRECISION XD PARTS Roy Huntington he explosion of popularity of the XD series of pistols from Springfield Armory is virtually a textbook example of a blend of innovative marketing and quality products. With more and more models available all the time, Springfield has taken the basic XD pistol, and morphed it into many guises. There’s no doubt certain other polymer-based pistol companies keep watching this unstoppable force, and I’ll bet there’s been much midnight oil burned over the problem by them! Like most polymer pistols, however, the factory XD series suffers from what might be described as a slightly spongy trigger release. It works great, is reliable and probably fine for most duty, sport or self-defense use. But sometimes, you just want to have a crisper trigger, and that’s where Dan Batchelor of Powder River Precision comes into the picture. Dan’s a whiz with all-things XD and his range of after-market action goodies can turn your daily shooter into something really special. While not exactly “drop-in,” they nonetheless supply the goods a competent pistolsmith T can install in your gun, turning spongy into crisp. The picture shows (left to right) his High Performance Striker, Stainless Steel Pin Set, Titanium Striker Status Indicator Kit (two springs and the pin) and the XD/XDm Striker Safety Lever Kit. In the installation instructions there is warning after warning about the need to have all of these parts installed by a competent pistolsmith, so unless you’re one, don’t mess with ’em! It’s perfectly sound to buy them, just fine to lay them on your table and imagine how they’ll work in your gun — but then take them all, with your pet XD, to your favorite ‘smith and let him do the installation. Promise? The sample gun I looked at had a crisp, positive trigger (almost 1911-like) and operated “snappier” if that makes any sense. There’s nothing wrong with making a good gun even better, so give Dan a call and order up some parts for your favorite XD. Tell him Handgunner sent you. For more info: Powder River Precision (541) 403-2998, WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM 107

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