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American Handgunner March/April 2011 - Page 62

‘My First 1911’ While not his “first” 1911, this lifetime dream gun represents milestones in Roy’s life and is sure never to escape — unlike that first Gold Cup! Roy Huntington Just What Is It About That Gun? Roy Huntington Dave’s first 1911, much-modified, but still here nonetheless. Y Dave Anderson eah, okay, you’re probably already sick of hearing it’s the 100th Anniversary of the 1911. The fact it was really the 1910 (or even the 1909?) doesn’t matter, the fact it was adopted by the US Military in 1911 stuck. Even though John Browning didn’t think the grip safety was necessary (the military made him add it), and even though he felt the Hi-Power was a better design (it is) we all continue to worship at the alter of all-things 1911. And we’re probably more guilty (more guiltierer?) than most here at Handgunner. Nevertheless, the fact we’re celebrating our own 35 th Anniversary at Handgunner during 2011, and the fact the 1911 turns 100 too, well, that’s got to mean something, surely? I mean, ain’t it karma, or divine providence or something? So to shamelessly tout our own guys during this heady period; hereWWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • MARCH/APRIL2011 62

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