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American Handgunner March/April 2011 - Page 106

GUNNYSACK T Roy Huntington his is a tale of three knives. Well actually, one knife, that sorta’ morphed into three. About a year and a half ago Gary Reeder (who usually makes guns and stuff) and I were chatting on the phone and I was complaining about the fact I hadn’t been able to find a 5" or 6" sheath knife I liked to use around our ranch here. I kept losing pocket-clip folders at the time, so had been shopping around to get a fixed blade to try. “Well, have I got a deal for you!” he said. Uh … oh. Actually, what Gary sent was a pretty good deal. The tough, 5" fixed blade called the Predator (on the left in the picture) was just what I’d been looking for and it’s been a semi-constant companion of mine over the past year and a half. That’s why it’s showing some hard use. I chop, hack, cut, pry, dig golf balls out of my pasture (a long story …) and anything else needing doing. It holds a razor edge (easy to sharpen) and has enough heft to lend some credibility to a cut if needed. Now Gary has expanded his knife line with a couple more. The “Classic Skinner” and “Mini-Skinner” are built tough like the Predator, but made for different jobs. I’ve already used the Mini to clean a small local deer, and the compact size, razor edge (which held throughout the work) REEDER CUSTOM KNIVES and handle that sort of “swells” into your palm was comfortable to use. The hilt, with a bit of a finger-catch, kept my slippery fingers safe. I didn’t use the “Classic Skinner” but it’s bigger, fills the hand more and has much more belly in the blade. It would no doubt be a great skinner and I’ll try it out soon. Handles on the Predator and Mini-Skinner are Mongolian Stag and some kind of wood laminate on the Classic. The Mini blade is 2.75" while the Classic is a solid 3". Check with Gary on the prices, but the Predator runs around $300, with the others less. Very affordable, and they’re made for Gary by experienced knife maker John Morgan. For more info: Gary Reeder Custom Guns (928) 527-4100, 106 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • MARCH/APRIL2011

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