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American Handgunner March/April 2010 - Page 102

GUNNYSACK 1911 FIXTURE Roy Huntington actually did it once — tweaked a 1911 frame to the point I couldn’t make it right again. My $39.95 Chinese vise proved too much for the aluminum frame I was working on. It was never right again, and I turned it into a “cut-out” gun to show the workings of a 1911. That one left a mark. A sorta’ heavy box arrived, just today, by FedEx and after opening, I found a heavy, blued metal thingy. I pondered a bit but was confounded. Then the letter from Heirloom Precision dropped out of the box. The “Dear Roy” note from Jason Burton and Ted Yost explained it all. It’s actually a custom fixture you snug-up into a 1911 grip frame (using built-in set-screws), clamping the frame handily from within. Then — and this is the nifty part — the solid steel rod can be scrunched into your vise as hard as you like, in virtually any position. It’s truly one of those “Gads man, why didn’t we think of this?” things. If only I’d had it back then. I It’s about $79.95, is all steel and made in the good old USA. And tell me, honestly, if you file on 1911 frames, would you rather spend $80 now or hundreds later on a messed-up frame with your name on it as the messer-upper? This really is one of those simple tools that suddenly make a pistolsmith’s life easier. Or for that matter, anyone who has ever taken his 1911 down to the frame-and-slide bits could use this. Giving the old girl a good scrub? Do it right and don’t risk a catastrophe. Um, let me do the math here … $80 equals two bottles of decent burbon. Okay, I can live with that. For more info: productindex.html APG Mission Statement: The American Pistolsmiths Guild Seal Of Approval is designed to set gold standards for the firearms and related industries. The “Approved Seal” will be placed on products having passed a rigorous test of function and quality which will raise the product above others in the same field and class. These “sealed” products will be what others in the field will have to equal or surpass in form, quality and function in order to be held to the same or higher quality standard. The American Pistolsmiths Guild (APG) has been “sealing” the finest pistolsmiths in the nation for over twenty years. The Guild sets gold standards for work, products and business procedures as each member has gone through rigorous grading, scrutiny, observation, and critical examination in order to become a member and is in constant pressure to keep their quality of work and business at the highest standard. The APG has gained the experience and has become a respected member of the firearms community as have its individual members. Products submitted for an APG Seal Of Approval will have to pass tests which will seek answers to questions such as, “does the product perform the job for which it was intended?” Other questions such as, “Is the quality of the product such that it will have a long, useful life greater than anything else in the field,” “is the product ergonomically designed for it to be used with comfort and ease for possibly long periods of time,” and “is the product finished in such a way as to be pleasing to the eye?” Depending on the product and its use in commerce there may be specific questions designed to that particular product and its use. Now is the time for you as a supplier of fine products for the firearms industry to join many of the present Seal partners as: Brownells, Alpha Precision, Ten Ring Precision, Gemini Customs, Kellube, Cominolli, FMG Publishing and D&L Sports to send a statement to all the end users of your products. 102 Firearm Enthusiast, be sure that you look for the APG Seal of Approval before you make your next firearm related purchase. The items Sealed by the APG have ben reviewed by a committee of the APG membership and are of a QUALITY that they would use in their businesses. WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • MARCH/APRIL2010

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