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The first and the last: colt Walker .44 was the first colt handgun purchased by the us Government, and the colt 1911A1 was the last. trooper showing A pre-World War I us cavalry along with his off his colt Model 1911 .45 other armament. All colt handguns purchased by the us Government bore some marking indicating ownership. In 1917 colt again revised their New service revolver at the us Government’s behest. It was chambered for .45 Acp by means of half-moon clips and named the us Army Model 1917. 62 ust this morning I read Colt Defense LLC is getting an order from the US Marine Corps for new 1911 .45 pistols. Funny how things change: Colt getting an order now is news, where for nearly a century and a half the word “Colt” was almost (but not totally) synonymous with American military handguns. The following is a quick list of Colt handguns carried into combat by American servicemen. In the beginning there were cap and ball revolvers: .44 Walkers, three variations of .44 Dragoons, Model 1860 .44s and both versions of “Navy Colt .36s” which collectors call Models 1851 and 1861. Next adopted were cartridge firing single actions such as Colt’s .44 Richard’s Conversion, the ever-famous Colt Single Action Army .45. Then starting in 1892 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • JANUARY/FEBRUARY2013

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