American Handgunner Jan/Feb 2013 Digital Edition - Page 60

cHRISTMaS 8 6 JoHn connoR 2 THE 2012 HandGunnER’S HITcH up THE SlEIGH and HanG on, HandGunnERS! cHRISTMaS GIfT GuIdE c 1 hristmas shopping is what? “Difficult”? Oh, au contraire, Alphonse! Not when we’ve already done the research for you! Now your only job is to warm up a toddy*, bust out the plastic, fire up the phone or computer and start scribblin’ names on this list. Good luck, and Merry Christmas! Offeringevenmorehearingprotection,higherambientsound boost, and an audio jack and connector for Mp3 players, smartphonesandscannerradios,HowardleightImpactproelectronicrangemuffsareabigstepupfromtheirexcellentImpact Sportmuffs,makingthemagreatgiftforanyhandgunner.Come to think of it, you could give Ralph your gently-used sport muffs and keep the pro for yourself — but you wouldn’t do that, would you?Well? 1 5 3 For your pal who can accidentally bust bowling balls, get a tank-tough handgun case by Americase. their 4- and 8-handgun cases (four shown here)arepartoftheirUltra-liteseries,weighing“only”6and9pounds!Does thattellyousomethingaboutthestrengthoftheseextruded-aluminumdoublehandled carpet-lined, foam-cushioned padlockable monsters? Hey, you wish yourtruckwasthiscrashresistant!And,they’remadeinWaxahachie,texas, whereeverythinggrowsuptough! 60 2 Kakadu Australia is best known for their classic dusters, but they also makeafulllineofjacketsandvests,like theDeltashownhere,equippedwiththeirConcealed CarrySystem.theCCSgivesyoudeepfast-accesshandgun pocketsonbothleftandrightsides,withaholsterandmagazineloops. thepocketsandreinforcingpanelarecaughtintotheshouldersandarmholes, suspendingtheweightlikeashoulderholster.Seethelineupandmakeachoice— they’reallwinners! 4 top quality compact, lightweight zippered Otis Cleaning Systems contain everything needed for proper firearm cleaning and maintenance, and theymakegreatgifts.theprofessionalpistolCleaningSystemcovershandguns WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • JANUARY/FEBRUARY2013

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