American Handgunner Jan/Feb 2013 Digital Edition - Page 58

Bad Blood harbinger cc Bad Blood splitter photos: chuck pittman, inc. pat covert a ll it takes is a spark to start a bonfire. HallMark Cutlery has made overtures to make waves in the crowded tactical market for several years. Now they’ve finally caught fire. Their new Bad Blood line is not only exciting, with special appeal to the oftignored youth market, but also easy on the wallet, which has a broad appeal to many budget-minded knife users in a down economy. The formula for success is not new: team up with a hot custom knifemaker and produce affordable production versions of his hot models. HallMark found the right person in Sean Kendrick, and the Bad Blood series has been off to the races since. 58 BAD BLOOD WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • JANUARY/FEBRUARY2013 HallMark Vice President Jessica Hall tells Handgunner how the collaboration came about. “We were set up at the same knife show in late 2010. My brother, Jacob (President of HallMark) was walking the show, looking for new designs. Sean’s knives were unique, different from the rest of the tables at the show. Jacob and Sean immediately hit it off and the relationship grew from there.” Sean adds, “I had been approached by other companies, but nothing really panned out. HallMark has a reputation of producing highquality products. They were serious to work with me and I felt comfortable in moving forward with them.” Sean, the product of an artistically gifted mother and mechanically minded father, has been making knives since 1998. “I like to make practical and useful knives that can be used in any situation,” says Kendrick, “from hard combat, to a skinning and field knife, or a knife to carry in your pocket. A lot of my customs, already in the Bad Blood line, are being used overseas for combat.” Getting Down To Business The Kendrick line would need a name and, after a little brain cracking, the Bad Blood mantle bubbled to the top. “We did a lot of research to see what was already being used,” says Jessica. “Bad Blood is representative of the look and style, and general aggres-

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