American Handgunner Jan/Feb 2013 Digital Edition - Page 50

Just because the barrel says “.44 Magnum” doesn’t mean you need to shoot heavy loads. Roy found the 2-tone finish to be appealing. Mag-Na-ports patented porting system did help to tame muzzle flip. The rugged fixed rear sight, action job and other custom touches makes it something special. Mag-Na-Port’s CustoM rOY HuNTINgTON ’ll say it right up front: According to the S&W website, the .44 Magnum Night Guard is no longer in production. However, not only were they still available when we started this project, you can still find them at places like and even your local gun store at times. Having said that, the real reason we did this project was to showcase the out-of-the-ordinary custom work Mag-Na-Port has become famous for doing. So keep in mind, you could apply the sorts of custom work featured here to any revolver. Be creative with your dreams. I just happened to like the concept of a lightweight, big-bore revolver. And, if you ask me, I wasn’t wrong about that idea, A 4" Bowen custom Arms Model 29 at top, the Mag-Naport Model 329 in the center and a classic J-frame Model 36 below for size. Note the high visibility bright green front sight and additional lightening cuts made by Mag-Na-port on the 329’s barrel shroud. Mag-Na-port turned a plain-Jane s&W Night Guard black revolver into something special. Roy felt the baked-on finish and 2-tone look makes it stand out. While the 329 isn’t as convenient as a J-frame, it does offer .44caliber stopping power in a relatively compact package. 50 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • JANUARY/FEBRUARY2013

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