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6 cool caRRY opTIonS caRRY 1 5 nside the waistband or outside; under a jacket or even a T-shirt; completely concealed or worn open and shown with pride, we’ve got some great holster picks for you! The best part is, I got to test and evaluate most of ’em myself! Yeah, it’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it… Feast your eyes and fill your needs, folks! Jerry Evans, the honcho of Haugen Handgun leather, was so tickled with his new Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm that when he learnedIhadonetot&EforHandgunnerhecouldn’trestrainhimself.this ishis#7Equalizerinblacksharkwithlizardtrim,linedinsmoothkangaroo, andheeventoppeditwiththesealofmyalmamater:theEagle,Globe& Anchor!Ain’titabeauty?Andthefitisbetterthanaglove! For a snubnose revolver, the IWB “appendix carry” position is secureandfast!Sincenobodyknowsmoreaboutsnubbiesthan BobbyMac,it’snosurprisehemakesthebestholstersfor’em.Here’s hisSN-1huggin’myRugerlCR.It’sagreatbalanceofflexibilityand rigidity,andsupercomfycarriedattheappendixoranywherefrom 12to5o’clock.thetopofthebeltloopsitsrightatthetopofthe cylinder—perfect! cHEcK ouT 7 THESE HIGH-claSS GunBucKETS! JoHn connoR 3 4 I 1 2 3 DesignedandmadeinFinland,HtHolstersrecentlyarrivedintheUS. ItestedboththeirexcellentSWAtholster—seeitinWebBlast—and this one, their unique, patented Speed-Draw CC. A mechanically simple and intuitivesecuritysystemreleasessimplybytakinganaturalgriponthepistol’s thefolksatCrossBreedHolstersgotamoldofSmith&Wesbutt.theleverrocksforwardandyou’reinbusinessfast!Anotherhiddenfeature son’sShieldbeforethepistolsevencameout,andpromptly isits360-degreeadjustablelockingcant.MadeforGlocksandafewotherpistols, madefouroutstandingholstersandmagcarriersforit.I’vetriedboththeIWB thisone’sawinner! QuikClipandOWBSnapSlideshownhere,andthey’reextremelystable,comfortableandeasy-draw.Ifyou’realreadyaCrossBreedfan,you’regonnalike Insidethewaistbandorout- these,andifyou’renot,they’llmakeyouafan! side? Wouldn’t it be great to find one fast, concealable Remindsyouofsomething,right?Yup;BillHoldenas“pike”intheSam holster filling both roles? that’s peckinpah classic the Wild Bunch. triple K crafts this Wild K rig from Galco’s new Double time. preci- selectedUShidesexclusivelyfor1911frames,finishingitinwalnutoilwith sionmoldedofKydex,itfeatures border trim and a solid brass buckle. Your pistol rides with a slight forward adjustable tension for security, cant,andthewholelashupwasdesignedforlong-wearcomfortandsupport. maintenance-free construction, pardner,youdon’thavetobeacowboyshootertolovethis an open top for fast draw, and handsomerig! it jumps back and forth from OWB to IWB quickly with just a There are more pics and scoop on these and other cool flat-blade screwdriver. Made for carry options on Web Blast, so be sure to check ’em out! acoupledozenpistols,you’lllike For more info: index and click on the company name. Do you walk, jog, run, bike or rollerblade? Maybe you just want a comfortable, easy-access under-the-shirt carry system not as restrictive as a belly-band? Check out the pt-One and pt-2 by pistol Wear.Wornlowonthetrunkaroundthehips — not the belly — the pouches are secure and offer noise-free entry. the material is light, comfy and washable and the belts adjust easily. I’ve tried`embothandthey’reGood2Go! 5 6 2 4 7 * WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM 47

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