American Handgunner Jan/Feb 2013 Digital Edition - Page 105

eaGle GrIpS KIrInIte Get a GrIp! cHarTEr Can you say “explosion in a paint factory” — but in a good way! Raj Singh, dear old friend and Eagle Grips’ head honcho, sent me these just now (after teasing me with raw blanks at a show recently). While they are certainly, um … bold … I felt myself liking them immediately. Once I put them on a 1911, I found with the right color combo, they can really make a gun pop. The white/grey ones on the custom 1911 Suzi built (that’s Robar NP3+ on the slide, and Rogard on the frame) really worked — sublime, yet making a statement. I found the black/red (on the right) looked great on a lot of 1911s, while the bold colors would really be fun on, say, a competition pistol or “over-the-top” custom job. Call me a feckless rogue (rather than other optional names, please…), but I like the Eagle Grips new Kirinite line, and you just might too. About $110 a or (630) 260-0400 9mm KAsE rEEDEr EquAlizEr WIcKeD GrIpS ar GrIp The Rad Dudes at Wicked Grips are always pushing the envelope. Their amazing pistol grips have graced our pages in the past, but this is something new. Made of solid aluminum, courtesy of Alumagrips, Wicked’s AR grips can be had with a remarkable cross-section of images screened on them, and you can even get custom artwork (your favorite dog?) for an additional $25. They add a certain “heft” to the balance point of an AR and I liked the way they felt in the hand. Around $115 directly from them. www. tuff1 GrIp Not only are these slipon rubber grips easy to put on and off, but they also really enhance the gripping surface of a handgun or even an AR grip (they’re pretty much a universal fit). They don’t have fingergrooves or palm-swells, they just deliver a slightly sticky-feeling gripping surface, perfect for most applications. TUFF1 grips come in a range of colors (and yes, you can get Zombie Green too). I did some experimenting and it fit an XD, a GLOCK, an M&P and, if I trimmed it a bit, it also fit on a 1911 below the grip safety. I tested ‘em with wet hands, and they worked great. A cheap and easy way to get-a-grip! Starting at about $14.95, TUFF1 grips are real value for just a few bucks. or (888) 998-8331 ow this is a knife! If you know the Reeder name it’s because Kase is Gary Reeder’s son, and a talented pistolsmith and knife designer in his own right. Kase’s latest is this defensive cutter built tanktough (L-6 tool steel), with a stout 7" blade. At almost a foot over-all, it’s small and light enough to carry and use, but big enough to get a job done. The hilt is real brass, with the handle of black micarta. It all goes into a leather sheath too. You can even get your initials engraved or name engraved on it, all for $300. or (928) 527-4100 N MarKsManship training act t Handgunner Says: “If con IS THE oppoSITE of pRo, IS conGRESS THE oppoSITE of pRoGRESS?” WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM he National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) hailed passage of the Target Practice and Marksmanship Training Support Act (H.R. 3065), which will ensure shooters and hunters have highquality public facilities to participate in recreational shooting sports and to learn about firearms safety. Sponsored by Rep. Heath Schuler (D-N.C.), the Target Practice and Marksmanship Training Support Act amends the Pittman-Robertson Act to provide state game and fish agencies with more flexibility and discretion to be able to use PittmanRobertson (Wildlife Restoration Trust Fund) funds for the creation, enhancement and maintenance of public shooting ranges. The bill is badly needed to respond to a significant decline in recent years of opportunities for recreational and competitive shooting on public lands. * 105 theinsider f stainless steel with a glass bead finish, Charter recently built on the success of their .40 revolver with the addition of the 9mm version. It uses their unique rimless case extractor system, so no need for moon clips. It suddenly opens the door to all the high performance 9mm out there, along with the affordable practice ammo available. Recoil is light and it retails for about $465. www.americanhandgunner. com/charter-arms rIMlEss PITbull O

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