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mech-tech roy huntington On our tested 1911 version (a Glock fit is also available) the ccu mated with a Les Baer lower easily. Note the standard safety clears neatly and still functions. ccu 1911/glocK The ccu can be “customized” with quadrails and other goodies from Mech-Tech. The 1911 lower supplies the safety, trigger group and magazine and functions exactly as it would if the slide was attached. A clever, accurate and reliable system. The 1911 frame mates with the ccu upper and the end result is a pretty typicallooking 1911 frame/barrel matchup. It ran flawlessly. i was doubtful, but with an open mind took a hard look at MechTech’s CCU (Carbine Conversion Unit). Built to handle Glock or 1911 frames, they instantly turn your lowly semi-auto into a compact pistol-caliber carbine. By merely inserting your existing frame assembly into the supplied upper with a “snick” and a trick or two — depending on Glock or 1911 — you indeed have a mini-rifle in whatever caliber CCU you bought. Such things have been offered in the past but always seemed like a toy to me. Why take apart a perfectly good, working fighting handgun to make a “sorta’ good” pistol caliber carbine? Why not just get a dedicated carbine of some kind? But, if you’re someplace where it’s a pain to buy guns, the CCU isn’t considered a firearm, so you could, indeed, “add” a carbine to your inventory without doing any FFL work. Perfectly legit. And, once I thought of that, I decided to take that harder look. With the CCU, in most cases, it doesn’t matter if your 1911 or Glock is a 9mm, .38 Super, .40, .45 ACP or whatever, most will fit the CCU you purchase. CCU’s come in 9mm, .38 Super, .40 S&W, 10mm, .45 ACP and .460 Rowland (no fit for Glock carbinecreator! The ccu used Roy’s Les Baer Thunder Ranch special, below is wife suzi’s for comparison. The lower snicked right into the ccu easily. Note the M4-type stock and bolt handle. in the .460). Some calibers (9mm or .38 Super CCU) may require a different ejector on your 1911 lower if it comes from a .45 ACP. But check function before you worry about it. The ccu shot 230 fMJ ball .45 Acp ammo just fine. But the stand-out was the 185 AsYM Barnes load. That’s .65" at 25 yards with one I pulled due to the 6 MOA red dot. Mechanics Target is a Victory Rifle sight-in target ( The CCU is a very basic blow-back action, bolt handle on the left (pushing the handle “in” locks the bolt back) and doesn’t offer last shot bolt hold-open. It’s heavy for what it is (about 5.3 pounds) but that big piece of steel in the bolt adds to that. My test model (they have many options and styles so check out their website for ideas), is a plain-Jane version. The rail allowed me to mount an inexpensive BSA red dot on it and it zeroed easily. The M4-type buttstock allowed me to find the right fit fast. Assembling is easy. Take the CCU out of the box, take your complete Continued on page 72 101 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM

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