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American Handgunner Jan/Feb 2012 Digital Edition - Page 36

CARRYOPTIONS FroM cLAssIcs to cUttING eDGe IN cArry MetHoDs sAMMy reese The Comp-Tac paddle holster goes on easy, but stays on. it has a matching single mag pouch. Comp-Tac I f you take a look around the gun industry you will find a bunch of very successful companies who started out in a garage or basement shop, with nothing more than an idea combined with passion and a can-do attitude. One of those companies is Comp-Tac. Comp-Tac’s GM, Gordon Carrell, told me his boss, Greg Garrett, President and founder of Comp-Tac started making holsters for daily carry and competition back in 2001, in his garage. Fast-forward 10 years and the 1-man show is now in a real building and dozens of employees producing over 30 products, creating 92,000 possible variations to suit users. After talking with Gordon, we decided he would send me two completely different systems. One was a standard kydex paddle holster and single-mag pouch; the other the leather/kydex IWB Minotaur MTAC holster and Minotaur IWB mag pouch. paddle is an open top holster with only fit and tension screws for retention. If you plan on getting into a full-on fist fight . use a level three holster. The Comp-Tac Paddle is a very easy “on” and not so easy “off” once you get your belt snugged-up, and the dual-tension screws make it effortless to adjust the holster. I was able to draw my Glock 19 from various positions and never had an issue with the holster not being where I parked it. One cool feature with this paddle is you don’t have to have the perfect belt loop setup to situate the holster where you want it. The minotaur kydex Paddle I ’ve always been a little bit leery of paddle holsters since I rolled codethree to an officer needs assistance call. A detective was attempting to stop a parolee at large and during the fight; the bad guy ended up with the paddle holster and gun. Bad guy got KO’d before he could figure out how to get the gun out of the holster. I know the tactics were bad and the old paddle design was a piece of metal covered in leather, but I’m still a bit apprehensive with paddles and I told Gordon my fear — and he talked me off the ledge. CCW is much different than on-duty, and the The single-mag pouch includes a single-tension screw, which allowed me to set the perfect amount of tension. The pouch’s belt mounting clip is extremely tough and kept it perfectly positioned on my belt. The compact size of the single-mag pouch is my choice when I carry two mags — this alleviates the belt loop rodeo as well. t first glance, the Minotaur MTAC holster looks like a science project gone wrong. The combination of leather backer with kydex holster and adjustable mounting clips was a bit confusing to look at; but once I got my hands on it, I found it was a well thought out orchestra of parts making for a hot IWB carry system. The base backer is leather, which is a material I prefer to have ride against my skin for long periods of time. The holster body is kydex and is completely interchangeable with other holster bodies, so all you need is an easily mounted holster for all your carry guns and you’ll be good to go. The mounting clips are adjustable for depth of ride and cant. The special design allows you to tuck in your shirt, only leaving the belt clips showing. The tuck-in design is to keep your roscoe concealed while continuing to look professional in the process. Comp-Tac makes several different styles of mounting clips if the ones supplied don’t do it for you. After some minor adjusting, I was able to achieve what I would call “all day comfort.” The Minotaur design allowed me — bad back and all — to carry IWB all day and not need a trip to the chiropractor to straighten me out. 36 IWB Hybrid A iwb offers a wide range of adjustments to fit the user. sammy found it offered “all day comfort” once it was adjusted. ne problem often associated with IWB carry is concealing your spare magazines. The Minotaur pouch is designed to wear IWB and take up as little room as possible. The leather magazine pouch is fitted with the same adjustable clip used on the Minotaur MTAC. You choose how deep it rides. Having a holster and mag pouch inside my waistband took some getting use to. The pouch works as advertised, but I will say it works best with pants much larger in the waist than what you walk around in normally. As Clint Smith says, “The being armed part is supposed to comforting, not comfortable.” The Minotaur holster and pouch help achieve both. For more info: o Minotaur Mag Pouch * WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • JANUARY/FEBRUARY2012

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