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American Handgunner Jan/Feb 2011 - Page 98

GUNNYSACK E Roy Huntington GRAyMAN kNIvES ven the name of the big bruiser here — Mega Pounder — tells you what Grayman Knives is all about. Grayman’s work is 100 percent American made and being an honest “Mom and Pop” company, Sue does the sheaths and keeps things running while Grayman does the grinding and design. I tested three, the “Mega Pounder” with a 9" blade and a 4" and 3" Dinka. Don’t let that Dinka name fool you, at a full ¼" thick, these were every bit as tough as the ¼" thick Pounder. All three came with Gun Kote finishes, 1095 High Carbon steel guts and a grey/green “Gator” grip (optional on the Dinkas). All are double bevel ground for easy sharpening and after I abused my test knives, a quick touch with a diamond hone brought ‘em right back to life. The Pounder comes with a cordura sheath lined with Kydex you can attach to Molle systems or such, and the Dinkas are standard with Kydex sheaths, with leather as an option. These are, simply put, three of the toughest, stoutest, brawniest, “bring it on!” blades I’ve ever used. I challenge you to break one — because you won’t. And, if by some miracle of an end-of-the-world situation you hurt one, Grayman will fix or replace it for free, forever. And I’ll bet he’s never had to honor it, since you can’t hurt one of these! I chopped with the Mega Pounder, used a 2x4 to pound it through some cut logs to split them, dug with it and even did that big knife no-no … I pounded the point into an oak stump then pushed the blade over, prying the point out of the wood. I swear I heard the Pounder laughing at me. “Ha! Double Ha! Is that the best you can do!” No, really, I think it was laughing at me. Ditto for the Dinka models. They’re like mini-versions of the Pounder series and do double duty as camp knives or daily-carry working or defensive blades. The Pounder comes in at $235, with the Dinkas at $160 and $125 astested. These guys remind me Russian T-34 tanks. They ain’t ‘zactly pretty — but don’t get in their way. For more info: 98 WWW.AMERICAnhAnDGUnnER.COM • JAnUARY/FEBRUARY 2011

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