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American Handgunner Jan/Feb 2011 - Page 97

GUNNYSACK l SuREFIRE G2x AND 6px MODElS Roy Huntington ooks like our old pals at SureFire have been paying attention to the economy. They’ve just raised the bar for tactical lights by lowering the price and offering two new models, both American made, with price points of $55 and $79! The G2X has a Nitrolon (polymer) body and tailcap with an aluminum bezel, while the 6PX is all-aluminum. Each one comes either as a “Tactical” model, offering single stage 200-lumen output, momentary activation in the tailcap, and you twist the cap for constant-on. The “Pro” models of each have a low-output 15-lumen stage coming on first, then you push the clicky-tailcap switch and it goes to the 200-lumen mode. Both the “Tactical” and the “Pro” have the same physical features, simply differing in their light management methods. While not offering any ground-breaking technology or developments, nonetheless, both lights offer what you need most in this sort of a thing — reliable operation at an affordable cost. SureFire cut some cosmetic corners like using Mil-Spec Type II anodizing rather than Type III, using a polymer reflector rather than an aluminum one and making the head not removable. All of which, if you ask me, doesn’t matter beans in the real world of about 99.999 percent of us who use lights like this. So if making these changes and keeping the innards up to speed makes a more affordable light for we unwashed masses, I say good for them. I mean, let’s be honest … when was the last time I actually needed Type III anodizing, whatever that is anyway? For more info: www. Make His Dreams Reality! It’s time to make that special shooter in your life happy by getting him the gift he’s always wanted. The NEW GSI Indicator Target is a great gift, fun to shoot, and it provides instant confirmation that you’ve hit the target. Or, maybe a NEW Gun Belt.GSI International has great new custom gun belts in brown and black. Order online @ or call 877-951-1890 toll free! WWW.AMERICAnhAnDGUnnER.COM 97

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