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American Handgunner Jan/Feb 2011 - Page 93

HELLCAT .380 I.O. Inc. TOM KREIN POCKET BOWIE Boker USA I.O. Inc. announces its new hellcat pistol, a super light and compact 6-shot .380 auto. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, it comes with a custom zippered case and trigger lock. Priced to sell, the hellcat is available in blued and nickel. For more info: (866) 882-1479 or Introducing the Tom Krein designed Pocket Bowie. The short, stout blade features a hollow grind and versatile shape, to handle any cutting task. The handle features contoured G-10 scales with white-fiber layers and fits the hand perfectly. With a high-performance 440C stainless blade, the Pocket Bowie retails for just $49.95. For more info: (303) 462-0662 or JUMBO L.E.O. Maxpedition THE GUN SHOW SYSTEM Technoframes The Gun Show System is the most advanced range of products ever designed to store, carry and display your firearms. The system is made up of the Gun Case, a see-through case with a push-to-close lock and dual opening, the Dummy Mag holds the gun in place, the Gun Rack, which is a portable aluminum stand, stores up to five guns, and the Gun Wall, which is a easily mountable Wall Show Display Frame. For more info: (866) 246-1095 or Law enforcement officers have optimized Maxpedition’s Jumbo L.E.O. Versipack for use. It is excellent for active-shooter scenarios; this carryall boasts a rear/CCW pistol compartment, as well as multiple PALS attachment points. For more info: www.americanhandgunner. com/productindex WILSON CUSTOM AMMUNITION Wilson Combat After years of testing their Custom Firearms and optimum loads, Wilson Combat has engineered a comprehensive lineup of exceptional defensive, hunting and practice ammunition. Great ammunition isn’t just about the highest velocity or splashy marketing, it is about matching properly designed bullets to the appropriate caliber with absolute precision. For more info: (800) 9554856 or www.americanhandgunner. com/productindex HOPPE’S NO.9 AIR FRESHENER hoppe’s In 1903, when Frank hoppe developed a mix of nine different ingredients to create the original hoppe’s no.9 gun solvent, he had no idea that history was being made. Over the last 107 years, the smell of hoppe’s no.9 has evoked fond memories of fathers, grandfathers, memorable hunts and great days in the field. now hoppe’s has an air freshener with the unique no.9 smell. The freshener has a string to hang in a gunroom, car, garage or anywhere you want that nostalgic smell. For more info: (913) 752-3400 or WWW.AMERICAnhAnDGUnnER.COM JAGER GEN. 4 GUIDE RODS Jager Products Introducing a guide rod for the Generation 4 Glock pistols to replace the stock dual-spring-recoil system. These rods allow shooters to choose which recoil spring weight they use. The Jager Guide Rods give shooters the ability to use any of the ISMI or Wolff springs, already on the market, to tune their pistols for specific loads. For more info: (516) 859-2508 or 93

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