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American Handgunner Jan/Feb 2011 - Page 58

Roy Huntington Sept/Oct 1976 The cover that started it all. Put a handgun on the cover of a gun magazine? Unheard of, but we did it and haven’t stopped since. That’s a S&W Model 36 .38 Special going bang, by the way. Cutting edge for 1976. July/Aug 1977 This issue made it clear revolvers were king, and S&W’s Model 19 was already becoming a classic police revolver. note the “retro” B-27 police silhouette target in the background. nowadays, a good Model 19 is hard to find. Featuring a person on the cover is one thing, but a girl? This shows handgunner wasn’t afraid to break new ground covering the hot sport of action shooting and showing Jo Anne hall (an ex-Dallas cheerleader no less) competing. In those days, there were lots of pictures in handgunner of people running and jumping, wearing tennis shoes and foamy baseball caps! May/June 1985 Jan/Feb 1986 An auto on the cover? heresy some might have said, but once again, we led the way. note the 1911 from Pachmayer has classic rubber Pachmayer grips and a very, very early red dot sight by Aimpoint. There’s two more important points about this cover, note the introduction of our ayoob Files feature by Mas Ayoob, and that picture — it’s by Ichiro nagata. Ichi’s stunning photo work helped to push handgunner’s reputation even higher, leaving the competition’s photo efforts in the dust! I Pink? What were we thinking? having survived disco we still had a few things to get out of our system I guess? Oddly enough, those pink covers always sold well on the newsstand — go figure. But check out that over-the-top action pistol by Evolution Gun Works, who, I’d like to add, are still going strong. At the time, wheelguns and autos were existing side-by-side in our pages but it was an uneasy relationship and as the years passed, wheelguns faded into “now and again” articles. Autos ruled! 58 May/June 1993 t sorta’ sneaked up on us. Suddenly it was 35 years since that day in 1976 when a buncha’ guys at FMG said, “Hey, what if we did a magazine about just handguns and stuff?” At the time, nothing like that existed and some nay-sayers said things like, “Uh, right, no real gun guys care about pistols. You just gonna’ write about what guns you can use to hold up banks?” Hardly … Since that first issue (Sept/Oct, 1976) Handgunner has gone on to prove those doubters wrong — very wrong. We broke new ground from that very first issue and continue to do so today. We’ve helped drive the market, kept shooters up to speed on what’s new and what’s going on in our industry, how to fight the gun-grabbers, bamboozled our competition, stymied our detractors and generally had a rip-roaring good time. The founders were gun guys, and it showed, and today’s crew — me included — might be considered even further into the category of “gun-crank” than anytime in our history. Scary, eh? I think the big difference is every WWW.AMERICAnhAnDGUnnER.COM • JAnUARY/FEBRUARY 2011

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