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American Handgunner Jan/Feb 2011 - Page 28

TAFFINTESTS John Taffin THE SIXGUNNER HIMSELF: GUNS, GEAR AND MORE BluMagnum’s Bob Braun stocks on a pair of S&W .38s, a 3" HB Mdl. 60 and a custom Chief’s Special. How about this fancy walnut and 1-piece ivory on these single actions! Classic BluMagnum’s Skeeter Skeltons on a S&W roundbutted .45 ACP. Single Action #3 grips of fancy walnut with filler behind trigger guard and enclosed front and bottom strap. keeter Skelton’s earliest articles appeared in the pages of our sister publication, GUNS, in the late 1950s when he was still known as Charles A. Skelton. At the time he was the sheriff of Deaf Smith County operating out of Hereford Texas. Skeeter is also a specially remembered for his double action sixgun stocks, or grips if you prefer. In the 1930s Walter Roper designed the target stocks found on the Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum. These stocks carried over after the war with a version made by Smith & Wesson available on both the .357 Magnum and 1950 Target Model and then were also found on the original .44 Magnum. Somewhere along the way the Smith & Wesson stocks fell off the proper path and lost their wonderful feel; in fact to me the latter ones feel like a chunk of 2x4. Skeeter liked the original Ropers but also made a slight modification to fit him personally with a little flair at the bottom and rounded edges. Skeeter’s friend, Steve Herrett, custom-made Skeeter’s stocks. In the early 1980s a man who was destined to become my very close friend contacted Skeeter and was given permission to duplicate his stocks and market them as the Skeeter Skelton design. That man was Deacon Deason of BearHug Grips. I met Deac in the mid-1980s and we immediately struck it off and I was stunned by his death in 1994 while I was in Africa. One night after supper Deac stood up and fell to the floor and was gone. Fortunately for sixgunners the Skeeter Skelton Style Stocks were not gone. Clint Smith/Thunder Ranch Style stocks on a S&W .44 Magnum. Note the lack of flair at the bottom. Elegant BluMagnum round-butt stocks on a .357 Magnum S&W Ladysmith. A Bumpy RoAD D eac had shared his stockmaking skills with another fellow who was destined to become closer than a brother to me, Tedd Adamovich. Tedd formed BluMagnum Grips and received permission from Deacon’s widow as well as Sally Skelton to produce Skeeter Skelton Style Stocks. From the time BearHug ended in the mid-1990s until the beginning years of this century, Tedd supplied Skeeter Skelton Stocks in both the original style to fit square butt Smith & Wesson double-action sixguns as well as to convert round-butted Smiths to the square butt configuration. Sometimes in life things go very smoothly at other times the bumps rule. Continued on page 89 28 WWW.AMERICAnhAnDGUnnER.COM • JAnUARY/FEBRUARY 2011

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