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American Handgunner Jan/Feb 2011 - Page 105

LaserMax for XDM W ilson Combat, those makers of custom 1911s and other such goodies, has announced they’re now making a proprietary line of ammo, all done to their specs. After shooting millions of rounds in their test guns, they’ve learned a thing or three about ammo. The new line is focused on using American made components, low flash powder, pressures tailored for specific barrel lengths, bullet construction matching velocities for proper expansion and everything is whiteglove inspected at their facility in Berryville, Ark. Bill Wilson says, “I think you will find this ammunition to be very accurate, reliable and to deliver peerless performance.” So there you go. For more info: www.americanhandgunner. com/productindex WILSON GOES BANG TOO F or over 20 years, LaserMax has been producing innovative products, and their latest will make Springfield Armory XDm owners happy. They’re now shipping their patented Guide Rod lasers designed for the new XDm 9mm and .40 models. The Guide Rod Laser for the XDm is, like their other guide rod systems, user-installed, with no gunsmithing required. If you don’t know how these work, you replace the existing factory guide rod, spring, and takedown lever with the LaserMax laser sighting system and activation switch and it all lines up automatically, giving you a laser option for practicing trigger control (ever watch a laser dot jump around?!?) or to augment your iron sights if you need to. For more info: Cowboy Rules: “We open doors for women. That’s applied to all women, regardless of age.” SaFe anD neaT! ot this pic from a reader the other day bragging about how he had cleaned up the “Mess that was in my safe!” I asked who made the metal racks and that nifty one at the bottom. Lo-and-behold they are from Hyskore, known for their affordable accessory products. We featured one of their pistol rests in a recent Gunnysack. The round carousel on the bottom is, oddly enough, their 9-Gun Carousel ($59.95) and does the “Lazy-Susan” thing. The metal racks are Stackable 7-Gun pistol racks ($12.99) and you can stack ’em two high. This is an easy way to keep your expensive goodies neat and tidy and I appreciate the tip from one of you fellows! For more info: G a My Barrel’s T his crew of “just some guys” took on a monumental test: They chronographed over 9,000 rounds in 11 common calibers in barrel lengths from 18" down to 2". They used a set of custom barrels in a Thompson Center Encore and simply shortened each barrel 1" at a time with a chop saw. The ammo was mostly modern personal defense or high-performance premium ammo. They also used a cross-section of about 40 personal firearms to offer some real-world velocities in typical handguns. Did you know Winchester 45 gr. Expanding Point .25 ACP clocks 1,001 fps from an 18" barrel and 816 fps from a 2"? A big Handgunner Hat’s-Off to this crew for a superhuman effort and enough data to keep all us gun-geeks busy for years. Longer Than Yours CVOW was started in 2001 by two highly decorated Vietnam vets to help combat vets cope with post-combat stress. While there are many organizations available to help wounded vets, a small handful exist to help those struggling with post traumatic stress. I especially respect what they say about calling it a “disorder”: “In the past, combat stress has been called many things such as shell shock, battle fatigue and soldier’s heart. More recently it has been referred to as post traumatic stress disorder; however, the combat veterans of ACVOW refuse to label their symptoms as a ‘disorder.’ Indeed, what warriors experience is a very normal reaction to a very uncommon experience.” Learn more about what they do (or offer help) at www. acvow. org; (858) 552-7501. ACVOW’s Warrior’s 24 hour Suicide Prevention Hot Line at (800) 273-8255 if you, or anyone you know, needs help now! aMerIcan coMbat veteranS oF War * 105 WWW.AMERICAnhAnDGUnnER.COM insider

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