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American Handgunner Jan/Feb 2011 - Page 8

SPEAKOUT YOUR FORUM TO PONTIFICATE, PONDER AND PROBE objectionable ads? I guess my eyesight is beginning to fail me because I have searched high and low for the objectionable ads so many people have complained about in your magazines. Do any of these folks watch television, for crying out loud? Keep up the excellent work! Kim Burks Odessa, TX to hold his spot! John — consider your spot held. RH In John’s own words: “My deadline for the cover feature for the March Handgunner was Oct 1. I always like to stay ahead so it was mailed in a week early on Wednesday on Sept. 22. The next morning I got up at six for a fun day shooting with a 7x57, .32 Marlin levergun and .41 Magnum levergun. At the gun show the previous Saturday John French gave me an old box of 175-gr. RN 7x57s and my friend Denis and I were going to shoot them through a Win. M70 and a Ruger #1 to see which did the best. I came out of the bathroom dressed — and then it hit me. Excruciating pain in what seemed to me my back and throat. Normally I would tough it out Taffin On The Mend I wanted to let you all know our own family member, John Taffin, had a nearbrush with meeting his maker near the end of September. Had us all sweating bullets, as it were! I just chatted with him and he sounds positive, thankful for his good fortune and told me he’s got lots more writing to do so I needed MISSING PACT 8 WWW.AMERICAnhAnDGUnnER.COM • JAnUARY/FEBRUARY 2011

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