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American Handgunner Jan/Feb 2011 - Page 103

AMERIcAN HANDGuNNER AUCTIONS/SHOWS BOOKS COLLECTORS FOR SALE MacKENZIE VALLEY TIMBERWOLVES 1/2 wolf-1/2 shep. cubs bred for protection, or 3/4 and up cubs. Have a true friend. own a wolf-shepherd. Brochure with 20 photos-$5.00 CHARLES DYSART, JR. BOX 597 Henrietta, NC 28076 (828) 657-6220 or Cell: 828-429-0053 Wolf-Shepherd Male, 160 lbs. ClAssIFIED Classified ads $2.00 per-word per insertion. ($1.50 per-word per insertion for 3 or more) including name, address and phone number (20 word minimum). Minimum charge $40.00. Bold words add $1.00 per word. Copy and rerun orders must be accompanied by PayMent in advanCe. no aGenCy or CasH disCounts on ListinG or disPLay CLassiFied advertisinG. All ads must be received with advance payment BY nO LATER ThAn ThE 1st of each month. Ads received after closing will appear in the following issue. Please type or print clearly. PLease note*** no ProoFs wiLL Be FurnisHed. Include name, address, post office, city, state and zip code as counted words. Abbreviations count as one word each. Mail to amerICan handgunner CLASSIFIEDS, 12345 World Trade Drive, San Diego, California 92128. note: we now Have disPLay CLassiFied ads in BotH gunS Magazine and aMeriCan handgunner. asK For our new rate Card, or call (858) 605-0235. ACCESSORIES ACCESSORIES GUN PARTS GUNS FOR SALE GUNSMITHING INSTRUCTION TM The World's Best Gun Cleaning Cloth Silicone on sheepskin Sheepskin gun cloth Leaves a lasting shine Helps to prevent rust Clean and protect your guns Use every time you shoot & handle your gun Gets in the many "Nooks & Crannies" that an ordinary Flannel can not ACCESSORIES FREE CATALOG!Makeyourownkydexgun holsterorknifesheath.Over1200items.Visit www.knifekits.comorcall1-877-255-6433today. INSTRUCTION UTAH FIREARMS+TACTICALTRAINING.INFO @WWW.COMBAT-TERROR.COM AMMUNITION APPAREL KNIVES & SWORDS LEATHERCRAFT MILITARIA MILITARY SURPLUS MISCELLANEOUS 103 to order 770-710-1356 WWW.AMERICAnhAnDGUnnER.COM Please Visit THE BELTMANmakessturdy,topquality,DUAL LAYER,BullHidebeltsfordresswear,concealed carry,orcompetition.Optionsinclude:Horse, Dysarts.indd Shark,Elephant,Velcro,tapering,stiffeners,etc. 1 Handmadeinthreewidths,andfivecolorsfrom $69.95,anylength!Catalogue-$3.00(refundable) POBox1302,Apex,NC27502.919-387-1997.

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