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American Handgunner Jan/Feb 2010 - Page 8

SPEAKOUT YOUR FORUM TO PONTIFICATE, PONDER AND PROBE CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? Kudosto American Handgunnerforkeepingthefeedbackandcommunicationslinkswiththeirreadership open.Seemslikemoreandmoremagazinesandwritershaveretreatedbehindelectronicfortressesand arehard(impossible?)toreach,butnotyouguys! GerardL.Field Annapolis,MD Poor Josh states) means being able to do whatever In response to “Smoke A Joint they choose, like riding a motorcycle Joshua” (Speak Out, Nov/Dec 2009) I across the state doing double the speed offer the following. Being a proud red- limit. Huh? That’s a freedom? Only blooded American liberal just seems someone who smokes a joint in public so, well, oxymoronic to me. As I began would think it’s a freedom to break the reading Josh’s letter I had doubts as to law. What these people don’t underif he truly understands what freedom stand is freedom is a two-sided coin. really is. As I read further, his writing The other side being responsibility. You removed all doubt. Freedom to too can’t have freedom without responsiPACT_postxmas_09_fixed.pdf 12/16/08bility 9:04:18 AM many people (as Josh so ignorantly — you’ll lose it every time, and I could write a whole article on that one. And by the way Josh, the gun laws in California aren’t restrictive as you put it. To those who truly understand what freedom means, a better description would be oppressive. One thing we do agree on Josh, and that is no American president could ever get rid of guns in this country, however, we probably disagree as to why. The sad fact is no American president will need to 8 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • JANUARY/FEBRUARY2010

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