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American Handgunner Jan/Feb 2010 - Page 64

1 An Heirloom Colt he elements of style can be mystifying. Just as there are billions of people in the world, we might safely say there are billions of ideas of what “style” might be. What makes a certain hemline suddenly out, when it was de riguer only six months earlier? Why is the avocado green shag carpet, which seemed so cutting-edge in 1968, appallingly out of place today? What gives style legs, makes it T cross-over boundaries, cause people to take notice and, in short — last? Books have been written about this and I’m still not sure anyone knows for sure. Frank Lloyd Wright seems to have nailed something in his designs that is almost universally appealing. The uncluttered, simple but often complicated lines of his work seem to restore a sense of calm and peace. Tiffany is renowned for their design excellence and again, they too seem to have often captured a sense of time- 64 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • JANUARY/FEBRUARY2010

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