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American Handgunner Jan/Feb 2010 - Page 30

TAFFINTESTS John Taffin THE SIXGUNNER HIMSELF: GUNS, GEAR AND MORE DOUBLESTAR’S .45 ACP 1911-A1 Taffin’s grandson, 16-year old Brian Panzella, shoots the DoubleStar .45 1911-A1 using the Iron Maiden. Future gun’riter? Factory loads from Black Hills, CCI, and Cor-Bon were used in testing the .45 ACP DoubleStar 1911. The DoubleStar 1911 comes in this zippered padded pistol bag and is loaded with features normally found on a high-end custom gun. QUALITY AND I n the old days when newspapers actually reported the news a well-known axiom was a dog biting a man was not news, however a man biting a dog was a different story. For something to be worthy of reporting it had to be unusual. Unusual things also happen in the firearms industry, things definitely worthy of being noticed. When a longtime manufacturer of rifles enters the handgun scene it certainly catches my attention very quickly. The company we are talking about is DoubleStar, long known for making quality government and law enforcement rifles, even to the point of being known as “The Black Rifle Specialists.” DoubleStar has specialized in M16/ AR15 platforms giving military and law enforcement officers the choice of semiauto, full-auto, or burst fire configurations, as well as M-4 sniper carbines producing 1/2" MOA groups at 100 yards. For the civilian population DoubleStar offers some of the best quality ARs in both .223 and 6.8 SPC. Now DoubleStar is offering a 1911 with the same qualities of workmanship, accuracy and reliability VALUE GALORE found in their line of ARs. Jack Starnes of DoubleStar, like most shooters, has a long time appreciation for the Colt 1911 and for the past four years he has been working toward offering a premium .45 ACP under the DoubleStar label. He says, “What we set out to do is produce a high quality 1911 that delivers match gun performance at a production price. We accomplished that and more.” Now that could just be hype but as old Gabby Hayes used to say, “No brag, just fact.” It’s not hype if it delivers and the DoubleStar 1911-A1 definitely delivers. Trial Run A question I am frequently asked is how do you break in a gun? My answer is always the same, just shoot it. I just don’t have the patience or the inclination to clean the barrel of a brand new gun, shoot a round, clean the barrel, shoot a round and all the rest. Maybe it’s necessary for someone trying to get the best possible accuracy in a 500 yard BPCR or a 1,000 yard long-range bolt action rifle, however I’ve never found it necessary for handguns, most of which already shoot better than I can. I take it out of the box, make sure it’s all there with no barrel obstruction, load it, and shoot. For the trial run of the DoubleStar .45 I loaded six rounds in the magazine, took a good solid rest on the Iron Maiden, my name for the heavy-duty pistol rest a good friend made for me, and watched a one ragged hole group form at 20 yards. You definitely gotta love it when a plan comes together! For my entire life, and long before that, shooters and engineers have argued the merits of forged versus castings for producing firearms. Bill Ruger turned casting into a high art, however before World War II Continued on page 95 The DoubleStar .45 ACP handled factory and reloaded jacketed ammunition as well as cast bullets well. The DoubleStar 1911 features a Greider trigger and Ed Brown Memory Grip Safety. These four Sierra Bullets, 185, 200, 230 JHPs and 230 FMJ, were loaded in Starline brass and used in testing. 30 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • JANUARY/FEBRUARY2010

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