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American Handgunner July/August Digital Edition - Page 68

When you can’t be there to protect her . . . At the shopping center, in the parking lot, at work, in her car or at home — there is a solution. Includes nearly two hours of video! Order Today! (800) 628-9818 (M-F 8am-3pm PST) • ~Heidi Smith “Although this may seem like a good concept, it isn’t logical. I’ll show you concealed carry options that make sense and will fit your lifestyle.” The Concealed Carry for Ladies training course from Thunder Ranch offers a comprehensive look at concealed carry from a woman’s perspective. Instructor Heidi Smith presents her concepts on gun selection and carry options in an easy-to-follow, relaxed format. What’s the best way to carry a gun in a purse? How do you draw a gun from an ankle holster? What happens when a gun is fired at point blank range? Heidi’s range demonstrations, guided by husband Clint Smith, provide a complete picture on how to safely carry a concealed handgun, and draw and fire from several effective platforms. Give that “special lady” in your life the tools she needs to protect herself when you’re not around. Special Offer! BONUS protect herself Make sure she can $29.95 Two-disc set only

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