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American Handgunner July/August Digital Edition - Page 63

7 4 BRIgHt & BRutaL: knIVes 6 2 BeautIfuL neW JOHn COnnOR BLades! ’Cause sOMetHIn’ aLWays needs CuttIn’ I ’m sure somewhere there’s a group-therapy outfit with a 12-step program attempting to cure people like me of their “addiction” to knives. Why, I don’t know! I can’t imagine classifying, much less treating, a sincere, studious and only a teensy bit obsessive appreciation of fine edged-tools as some kinda mental aberration. And since I do not buy every knife I can, I must not be afflicted with it anyway — right? Well, right? Take these new and updated knives here, and spilling over into Web Blast. Yeah, they’re pretty, and they each have a purpose, and purposes ought to be planned for, needs must be filled, so I’ll only get a couple of ‘em. Maybe four. Possibly five. Six, tops. No kidding. But … Roy, can I have a raise? any time you need it. An Alan Folts design, the full-tang, hollow ground 3" blade is tough 5CR15MoV, and those nicely textured handle scales are G10,providingterrificcontrolforthispowerfullittleplayer. Pumahasbeenmakingknivessince1769,andthoughyoucanstill 5 buy their 100-percent German-made products, they wanted to give moreusersthesamegenuineGermanRockwell-tested440Abladesthey want,inamoreaffordablepackage.So,they’rehavingselectedmodels like the Pounce assembled under close supervision in Asia. The handle scalesaremachinedaluminumandthedrop-point3.3"bladeisaspringassistedliner-lock.You’lllikethewayitopens,andlovetheprice! 1 EagleUltralight,bolsteredbythecombatbrawnoftheSERE2000.Withafull 4"AUS-8bladeand9"overalllength,at3ouncesit’sstillfastandagile.Heattreated stainless steel liners, a reversible deep pocket clip, G10 scales and a strongAlMarfront-lockmakeittoughenoughforanytask.TheEagleUltralight isagentleman’sknife.TheEagleHDisfora“gentlemanwithintent…” The first compact, do-all Sage folder from Spyderco was an instant hit. 2 That led to further iterations with different locking mechanisms and handlematerials.NowjustcheckoutthegorgeousArizonaironwoodscalesand brushedtitaniumbolstersontheSage4!Asprettyasapresentationpiece,it’s alsoahardylittleworker! Sonewitwasn’tquitereadyforSHOTShow2012, 1 the Eagle Heavy Duty by Al Mar Knives is a response to userslikemewhowantedtheelegantlinesandclassicTalonbladeofthe thefolksatBoker,andthey’vechosenonefortheir2012BokerPlusCollection.Withagraceful,deadly8.25"440Cblade,ahighlyergonomicblack Micartahandleandaqualityleathersheath,ol’Jimhimselfwouldgrinand grabone.Only1,999LuckettBowiesarebeingmade,sograbyoursnow! Youknowthatteensyfifthpocketinyourjeans?Thatlittleslitpocket 7 inyouroldvestwhichapparentlywillonlyholdthehalf-pintpocket watch you don’t own anyway? Leave it to Jared West, the Mad Wizard C’monnow,whodoesn’tneedatleastoneBowieknife?BillLuckett, 6 downinWeatherford,Texas,figureseverybodydoes,andhemakes variationsofeverykindonthatclassicdesign.Hisworkcaughttheeyesof of Mantis Knives, to fill ‘em with a cool cutting edge! About the size of a poker chip, the Civilianaire comes in white Angel and black Demon versions, each equipped with a friction-lock swing-out hawkbill stainless Damascus blade. The cutting edge is .75" long, and surprisingly useful! Okay;maybenotsosurprising.Thebigsurprisewouldbea boringMantisKnife! * openingknifeinexistence,butat9.36"longwitha4.18"AUS8blade, itain’tnorunt,butarealhand-filler.TheSlimJimXLwillbecome availableaboutthetimeyoureadthis,sogetinlinequick! Slungaroundyourneck,nestledinapocketor 4 secureonyourbelt,theSPEW— Small Pocket Everyday Wharn- Using the thumbstud, start opening SOG’s SlimJim XL and S.A.T. (SOG 3 AssistedTechnology)finishesthejobforyou,bangin’itopenandlockin’it upintoanall-420stainlesssteelbead-blastedframe.It’stheslimmestassisted- For more info: and click on the company name. Go to www. and click on Web Blast for more edged goodies! 5 63 3 cliffe—byCRKTcanbewithyou WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM

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