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American Handgunner July/August Digital Edition - Page 50

right: Col. James y. adams commander of the 23th infantry regiment with two unidentified members of his staff atop heartbreak ridge in korea the day his regiment captured it. if adams looks tall in this photo it is because he was 6' 5" tall. he wore that same Colt 1911 .45 auto throughout world war ii and korea. family photo of robert osborn Van horn, commander of the us 9th infantry regiment conferring with french General Joffre. as a young infantry officer robert osborn Van horn carried this smith & wesson hand ejector, 2nd model (model 1902) .38 special when he served during the philippine insurrection. note the fancy silver grips he had fitted to it. ow does a family’s business rate as a gun magazine topic? What about a family whose business for over 150 years has been defending this country’s interests by serving in the US Army’s infantry branch, in ranks from private to major general? Back in 2008 at a local gun show, the Montana Military Vehicles Club had an outdoor display of their jeeps. Knowing some of the members, I gravitated to left: emory s. adams, the us army’s adjutant general at the time, swore in George C. marshall as Chief of staff on sept. 1, 1939. this is the Colt model 1908 .380 auto he chose as his general officer’s pistol and its original leather gear. robert osborn Van horn as a Colonel commanding the 9th infantry regiment in france in world war i captured this German luger complete with its 32-round drum magazine, its leather holster with wooden shoulder stock and even the special loading tool for the 32-round magazine. WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • JULY/AUGUST2012 50

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