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American Handgunner July/August Digital Edition - Page 42

CARRYOPTIONS FroM cLAssIcs to cUttING edGe IN cArry MetHods the winnie mag pouch offers a smooth profile sAMMy reese and is very well designed. JasOn WInnIe HOLsteRs he illegal alien who blew the red light and T-boned my freshly waxed patrol car changed my life forever. There are many things I loved to do I can’t anymore. For a dyed-in-the-wool adrenalin junkie, I’ve been forced to lead a much mellower life than I’d like to. After the crash, I also lost the ability t a tradition Of Quality to carry an inside-the-waist-band holster (IWB), as the pressure on my lower back would cause my leg to go numb. I’m proud to report I can now carrying IWB again, and I give the credit to three things: Russian Kettlebells, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai. The Kettlebells have made my whole body stronger, and the time in the dojo has also made me strong and flexible. My back isn’t healed by any stretch, it still hurts some days, but I can carry my Glock IWB all day now — with a good holster. Which brings us to Jason. the J122 iwb holster proved to be comfortable and secure. sammy liked it a good deal. the matching belt was simple, robust and was comfortable immediately. the family lineage from Don hume is obvious in the quality and design of the gear from winnie’s shop. met Jason Winnie at this year’s SHOT Show in January. I was running to another appointment, when Roy grabbed me and introduced us. Our conversation continued a few weeks after SHOT via telephone, where I got to know a lot more about Jason and what drives him to make the best possible holsters and accessories he can. Jason grew up watching his grandfather make holsters, and when he was old enough he started working in the factory. Jason didn’t like just doing one thing all day, every day; he preferred the time he spent working one-on-one with his granddad on complete projects. Did I forget to tell you Jason is the grandson of Don Hume? Yeah …that Don Hume. As in Don Hume leather, as in famous leather-guy. This is something Jason is very proud of, and he works very hard to live up to the standards he learned from Don. He’s now set out to build his own reputation, and wants his products to speak for themselves. Jason told me his grandfather was obsessed with quality, and believes that same obsession was passed on to him. “I want people to say I make good stuff … I have to do it on my own. This is why my shop’s motto is ‘A tradition of quality.’” Rather than sending just a holster for me to try, Jason suggested a system of belt, mag pouch and holster. This way there was no weak link. We both agreed the belt is the most important part and starting point of any carry system. Jason’s double-layer, 1½" belt was surprisingly supple right out of the box. It required no breaking-in period to feel comfortable. 42 Famous Lineage I A Happy Grandpa he holster doesn’t have a fancy name — its model T number is J122, and is described as an IWB with locking snap loops, reinforced top and bodyshield. To complete the package, Jason included one of his single magazine pouches. Although the belt wasn’t stiff, when the holster and mag pouch were put on, it kept them in place and I didn’t experience the sag effect of a few extra pounds around my waist. The snap loops on the holster are wide enough to fit on a 1¾" belt, but didn’t shift on a 1½" belt. The snaps were solid and didn’t come loose during any of the training or daily wear. The sideguard worked great — especially when all I had was a T-shirt covering the gun, and the holster was up against bare skin. The single mag pouch will also accommodate a 1¾" belt, but it stayed put on my 1½" belt as well. The construction of the mag pouch is as rugged as the belt and holster, and showed no wear after lots of mag changes. The day after I received the holster I preceded to wear it for the next two days. I wore it while testing out the new PD qualification course, and had no problems making the par times from concealment. The holster is snug, but not to the point where drawing was difficult. I’ve used it a lot, made more presentations from the holster than I can count, but it still feels like it did the day I took it out of the box. There’s that quality thing Jason told me about, built into everything he makes. From what I’ve seen, his granddad should be proud to see his grandson making holsters and accessories living up to his extremely high standards. * For more info: or (620) 875-1178 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • JULY/AUGUST2012

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