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American Handgunner Jul/Aug 2011 Digital Edition - Page 73

D.O Reichard S&W Armorer Trained Exclusively by S&W with 30 years skilled experience in the art of the S&W Revolver. Actions Tuned, Cylinder work, sight systems & much more. We back our work! Reasonable Prices and Turn around time. Priority Service Available Call or Drop a line to Sand Burr Gun Ranch Or 574-223-3316 2111 E 350 N Rochester IN 46975 “For Revolvers that Work!” Beauty might be in the eye of the beholder, but J.B. thinks the Webley Model 1909 is the best looking of the Webleys. Ammo is available from Norma, and recoil is about like a .380. he 9mm Browning Long cartridge is essentially a .380 with a slightly longer case. It’s 9x20mm, just 3mm more than a .380. John Browning designed it, and the FN Model 1903 was chambered for it. The same pistol was adopted by Sweden as their Model 1907, made by Husqvarna. Actually, there were only three pistols made for this round. The other two were the Le Francais Model 1928 and the Webley Model 1909. The sleek Model 1909 is, I think, the most elegant of the Webley autos. It’s also one of the most rare, with only 1,694 made — and I have two! One has been expertly restored to “factory new” by David Chicoine. The other, which has seen much use, I shoot often. Oddly, both of them were made on the same day, May 31, 1910. They were two of the 46 made that day. A Shooter Symbol of honest, competent, quality workmanship “LOOK FOR IT!” Member list $2.00 1449 Blue Crest Ln. San Antionio, TX 78232 All of the Webley autos were designed by William J. Whiting and they ranged from a small .25 to the big .455; the later being used to a small extent by British military units. The 9mm Model 1909 also saw some military use, but only as a private-purchase item for some officers. For this relatively mild cartridge, the Model 1909 had an unlocked action. The only safety was a grip-type, which functioned when the external hammer was cocked. The slide locked open after the last shot, and the release was on top — a push-button at the rear of the extractor. As with most of the Webley autos, the recoil spring was a heavy V-type blade, located under the right grip panel. Shooting the Model 1909 is pleasant, with the felt recoil being about the same as the average medium-frame .380. My Webley is quite accurate, averaging 3" groups at 25 yards, and perhaps somewhat surpring, has never malfunctioned! Ejection of fired cases is upward and rearward, and they usually land right behind you. Excellent 108-grain FMC loads by Norma of Sweden are still available from Century Arms. I suspect they ordered this lot for themselves since the cases are marked “CA.” They are reloadable and moderately priced. * For more info:, (888) 448-6723 73 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM

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