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American Handgunner Jul/Aug 2011 Digital Edition - Page 36

John Connor GUNCRANKDIARIES TM EXCUSES, ALIBIS, PITHY OBSERVATIONS & GENERAL EPHUS 50 STATES, 50 GUNS: Let’s Get Rollin’! A s I scribble this, Utah bill HB219 sits on Governor Gary delphia. A handful of similar acts in other states were also Herbert’s desk waiting for his signature. Given Hizzoner’s shrieked down by hordes of hoplophobic harpies. Maybe this past position on firearm issues and the overwhelming “first” could only have happened in Utah, but now, the time support this measure received in the state House and Senate, might be right to carry the theme across the country. it seems certain he’ll sign it into law within days (They did. Utah is overall and inarguably a gun-friendly state, despite Editor). When he does, Utah will become the first and only the effects of the Yuppie Invasion of the ’80s. The Lib-Leftie state with an official State Firearm: influence is mostly limited to the John Moses Browning’s M1911 pistol. white wine & stinky cheese centers The Official Perhaps you’ve heard of it? Yup; a State Introducing… of Salt Lake City and a few smaller State Firearm of Utah, Firearm! How cool is that? Let’s say trustafarian* strongholds. It’s also the 1911! it again and let it sink in: The first and the birthplace and family home of only state with an official State Firearm! John Moses Browning, native son of This is what I call “a good start.” Ogden, and the immensely profitable, Years ago there was a significant jobs-creating corporate home of the effort to adopt the flintlock Pennsylglobal business bearing his name. vania Long Rifle as that state’s official This made it awfully tough — firearm. While it enjoyed popular and politically dangerous — for support state-wide, the idea was apparUtah’s gun-haters to vilify the ently strangled in its crib by the usual man or his legacy. While HB219 entrenched political powers of Philawas moving through the legislature, Utah celebrated John Moses tent trus Browning Day on January 24th, with *“Trustafarians”: You’ve seen ‘em; afflu and s rian (Hat’s off to pistolsmith tafa Ras like hardly a squeak from the sidelines. s dres who ts fund layabou Terry Tussey for supplying . tres thea ure Interesting, huh? cult nter cou and the guns for the picture!) ros bist t frequen trying to look “gun-neutral.” One expressed dismay because usually, “These designations come to us from elementary schoolchildren.” So adults can’t name a state symbol? Arguing that “Guns are only for killing!” didn’t fly either, as the grownups asked, “So our police only need guns to oppress and kill innocent people? Our soldiers only need guns as tools of genocide, rape and plunder? Citizens shouldn’t have guns for selfdefense? Guns aren’t lawful tools, freezer-fillers, peace-keepers?” These are debates we can win, folks! One state senator tried the sniggering-sophisticated approach, asking why not emblazon a gun on the state flag, or arm the bees on the flag? The grownups just looked at him like, “Are you nine years old or what?” I think he had to rack that one up in the “lost credibility” column. All of this was watched closely by elected representatives in other states, and the question is not IF, but WHEN similar bills start poppin’ up. And that’s only right. Our founding fathers’ most unanimous faith was that self-defense and the right to bear arms for that purpose are God-given; universal human rights which no just government should infringe. And don’t think of official state guns as “just a symbol,” but as a symbol — a symbol of the fundamental difference between citizens — and subjects. The most successful waves of state laws of the past decade have been “Castle Doctrine” acts, Right to SelfDefense laws, and concealed-carry legislation. That’s a tide to ride, friends. Thinkin’ TacTical S ince designating a state symbol had nothin’ to do with “More guns on the streets!” or expanding concealedcarry privileges, the opposition was deprived of most of their arsenal of irrational scare-tactic rhetoric. As it turned out, all it really gave ‘em was an opportunity to look petty, juvenile and silly. On the one hand, they couldn’t argue that “It’s only a meaningless symbol, like the Dutch Oven being Utah’s official cookin’ pot, so why pass it?” To do that, they would alienate fans of all 26 state symbols. On the other, they couldn’t generate any interest for a claim that “This spells the end of civilization!” The best they could come up with were whimpers and jibes, and the debate also flushed out some “stealth socialists” who had been ONE DOWN, 49 TO GO hy shouldn’t every state have an official firearm? What should it be? Which state has the best claim on the Peacemaker? The legendary Winchester ’94? The Colt Walker Dragoon? The Merwin Hulbert First Model Army Revolver? The iconic Springfield ’03? The .36 Navy 1858 Remington New Model? Which gun best fits Alaska, Alabama, Maryland or Missouri? 36 W Here’s your chance to help. Go to www.americanhandgunner. com and click on the link on the home page saying “Vote for your state gun!” It’ll link to my Guncrank column. There, you can leave a comment. Keep it to 50 words or less, but tell us your state, which gun you vote for and why it fits your state. We’ll keep a running tally so you’ll be able to see the results. When we have a couple bushels of ‘em, we’ll get them to the right “State” people. Sorry, but we don’t have staff to receive snail-mail, FAXes, smoke signals, semaphore or heliograph. Now let’s get rollin’! Connor OUT. * WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • JULY/AUGUST2011

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