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American Handgunner Jul/Aug 2011 Digital Edition - Page 71

6 knives John Connor GoTTA-hAve knives As iF you neeDeD Any exCuses! olders, fixed-blades, butterflies and balisongs; the kukri and the kris and modern combat cutters; neck knives, belt-buckle blades, stealthy spikes and youname-it, there are countless kinds of knives out there, from mini to massive and junk to jewels. The varieties are endless, but there are only so many that qualify as “GottaHave” knives. The criteria for Gotta-Haves varies with individual tastes and needs, but has less to do with your money than with your mission. Whether you need a crowbar that cuts or a “tactical scalpel”; a fruit knife, boot knife or battle blade, chances are you can find a Gotta-Have that’s right for you and your wallet. Here and on Web Blast are a few suggestions, so feast your eyes, and bon appétit! Connor OUT. Yougottahaveaknifewiththestrength,speedand 1 refinedlookstogofromaboardroomtoabackalley, andhandleeitherwithease.Benchmade’s470Emissarywill 2 4 3 open design titanium frame-lock featuring a beefy 3.75" blade ofblackenedCobaltvanadiumsteelinapowerful,versatilemodifiedtantoprofile.Whenthere’sdirtyworktobedone,youcan trustTOpS. Yougottahavejustoneknifethat’sado-it-all,“ifIonlyhad 5 one” knife. paul Scheiter is a young guy with wilderness survivalskillsfarbeyondhisyears,andincollaborationwith F do it. The classic lines of the smooth CNC-machined aluminum billet handle house a 3" premium S30v blade, and the action is Benchmade’sprovenAXISAssistlockingmechanismwithsafety.Atonly 2.2ounces,it’safine,fiercelittlefeatherweight. Someday you just gotta own a “first,” and Grayman Knives has a 2 greatoneforyou.Longknownfortheirbombprooffixed-blades,the titaniumframe-lockSatu(sah’-too)isGrayman’sveryfirstfolder,andit’s abrute:Almosttenincheslongopened,its4"S30vbladeisflatground and1.5"deep.Linersaretitanium,asistheglass-beadblasted pocketclip,andthecoarsetexturedG10handlescalegivesa firm,solidgrip.Thiscouldbeyourfirstandbest“first.” Youjustgottahaveabladethat’shardlythereuntilyou 3 reallyneedit,andthenit’stherewithavengeance.Dirk pinkerton’s original Broadhead concealed-carry design has been lengthened and skeletonized for a better grip, and rendered in solid.11"thick6AL4vaircraft-gradetitaniumbyDarrelRalph of HTM Knives. The push-style blade rides very securely in acarbon-fiberpatternedKydexsheath.Wearitasaneck knifeusingthe20-poundpullchain,orjustdropitina pocketforalittleconcealed“coldcomfort.” 5 OntarioKnifeCompany,allthatknowledgerecentlyresulted intheBlackbirdSK-5survivalknife.Everyangle,feature andmaterialchosenaddressesessential needsandpurposes,fromthefulltaper grindofthe5"154CMbladetothelevel slotted pommel. You’ll have to see the online video to appreciate all of its capabilities—andwhyyou’vegottahaveone! You gotta have a knife that’s 6eye-catchin’ cool and elegant; packed with features you You gotta have one mid-sized, heavy-duty 4 combat-worthy cutter; a folder specifically made for the mud, blood, sand and slime of battle; one that’s tough, strong, and easily flushed out and returned to duty. The CQT Thunder Hawke from TOpS Knives is an WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM 1 can proudly point out to your Knife Knut friends, end your speech with “NowguesswhatIpaidfor it” — and blow their minds. That’s Wilson Tactical’s Extreme Lite Carry folder. The Bohler N690Co spearpoint blade has a tough DLC (Diamond-Like Carbide)coating,andthechassisisfullyhardenedstainlesssteel.The ergonomic G10 handle has a unique, aggressive yet pocket-friendly pattern,anditweighsinatonly3.8ounces.Andtheprice? Checkitout,thenpulloutyourplastic,pal. * For more info: productindex. To see more knives, click the Web Blast link on our homepage. 71

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