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American Handgunner Jul/Aug 2011 Digital Edition - Page 50

Gun CleAninG 4 John Connor keeP Those CAnnons CleAn sPriTz, GooP & GreAse For your rosCoes B oeshield T-9 (from Brownells) is an extremely effective rust preventative and lubricant that’s just catching on with firearm fans. It was developed by global giant Boeing Corporation’s enormous research assets. Their “other products” include multi-million dollar commercial airliners, y’ know. Ogre Enviroclean FA is an excellent, virtually odor-free biodegradable bore cleaning solvent and lubricant. It was developed by one guy, John “Ogre” Thompson, pretty much workin’ out of his kitchen sink. His other product is “Here, Fishy, Fishy,” an all-natural fish attractant. Hoppe’s has been a respected name in firearm cleaning since rocks were soft — well, over a century anyway — but ain’t no moss growin’ on the logo, not with cutting-edge formulations like Hoppe’s Elite winning new fans. Gabriel Appiah has been a research chemist in the defense industry for over 30 years, but his environmentally-friendly eBASE cleaners, lubes and protectants are so new his website won’t be running until just before you read this. The point is, we’ve got great gun-goop comin’ from all directions, folks, and you owe it to yourselves and your sidearms to check ’em out. Here are a few you know, and I’ll bet, some you didn’t! Frog Lube is a metal-penetrating nonhazardous cleaner, lube and rustpreventative.Notonlyisitsafeforuseonplastics,rubberand nylon,itmoistensandpreservesthem!DevelopedbyaretiredNavy SEALofficerspecificallyforthemarineenvironment,ourpalBrianHoffner (Hoffner’sTacticalTraining)torture-testeditinthedustyheatofTexasand wassoimpressed henowdistributes it, soget itfrom him. You’ve gotta seethevideoofhisnine-month“nocleaning,nolube,nofield-stripping” experiment—andthentryit! Non-toxic, all-synthetic Mil-Comm cleaners, lubes and greases areusedexclusivelyonmanymilitaryweaponssystems,andSIG SAUER uses `em in every stage of manufacturing right down to the final prep-and-package point. Mil-Comm’s TW25B Extreme performancecleanersandlubeswererecentlynamedastheNRA’sfirstofficially licensed Gun Care System, so now you can contribute to the Second Amendmentcauseeverytimeyoucleanyourgun! WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • JULY/AUGUST2011 1 3 50 2

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