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American Handgunner Jul/Aug 2011 Digital Edition - Page 48

The C&S limited edition “Retro-1911” honors the very first production run of 500 pistols. Highlights include original style carbona bluing, nitred parts and 19 authentically reproduced original parts! Roy Huntington A flawless from 19111912! There are six obvious differences between Bill’s “original” retro-1911 here and the 1911A1. Can you spot ‘em? o there we were sitting around my kitchen table the evening before a 1911 “build” class I was hosting with Bill Laughridge, owner and guru of the Cylinder & Slide shop. We’d had just enough amber libation so that conversation was flowing, and we thought ourselves much smarter than we actually were. Out of the blue Bill said, “I’m going to do a limited run of 1911s for the 100th anniversary of the breed. But, I want them to exactly mirror a gun as it would have left Colt in 1912, essentially one of the first 500 1911s made. What do you think about that?” grinned Bill. So I thought about that some. “You mean, S 48 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • JULY/AUGUST2011

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