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American Handgunner Jul/Aug 2011 Digital Edition - Page 47

Alan Korwin Are Gun MeltdOwns A FrAud? f all the cockamamie schemes dreamed up by anti-rights advocates to deny American citizens the right to keep and bear arms, the absolute silliest may be the gun buyback programs and the efforts to melt collected guns so they don’t end up “back on the street.” This is so bogus, where to begin? First, even the name is deceptive because you can’t buy back something you never owned. These are really taxpayer-funded private gun buys. Where is legitimate authority to even think about that? And the guns were never “on the street” — people bring them in from their closets. Most of the guns in police storage lockers are abandoned property, lost and found, turned in after a person passes on, inventory from foreclosures, RICO seizures, even guns turned in by people who can no longer legally own them, and recovered stolen goods. Very few are “smoking guns” taken from criminals for evidence in trials. Guns can’t just go back on a street they were never on, that’s ludicrous. The Brady law requires every retail firearm sale, all the ones police might resell, to go through an FBI background check to a law-abiding adult. “Dumped on a street” is a preposterous notion promoted by blindly fearful people in power who know nothing, and a compliant media that knows even less. A citizen buying a police-recycled firearm is taking a bite out of crime. Not long ago, police would sell firearms they accumulated back to honest citizens, minus a few true crime guns. The money was an important element of their budgets. It bought lab gear, training ammo, body armor and other “extras” they otherwise couldn’t afford. Now, for political correctness, that cash flow is cut off. Meltdowns harm our ability to fight crime. O Worthless Scheme One of the big surprises in the buy-up-and-melting game is manufacturers tend to support meltdowns. Every firearm that doesn’t get back into the free market is replaced by a newly manufactured piece. Gun meltdowns don’t reduce the number of guns, as advocates dream, it’s just a way of redistributing sales. If you can buy a gun from some gun-pushing NRA-supporting cigarchomping gun dealer, you certainly ought to be able to buy one from Continued on page 83 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM 47

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