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American Handgunner Jul/Aug 2011 Digital Edition - Page 103

CLASSIFIED ACCESSORIES AMMUNITION AMERICAN HANdGUNNER Classifiedads$2.00per-wordperinsertion.($1.50per-wordperinsertionfor3ormore)includingname,addressandphonenumber(20 wordminimum).Minimumcharge$40.00.bold words add $1.00 per word.CopyandrerunordersmustbeaccompaniedbypaYment in advanCe. no agenCY or Cash disCounts on listing or displaY Classified advertising.Alladsmust bereceivedwithadvancepaymentBYNOLATERTHANTHE1stofeachmonth.Adsreceivedafterclosingwillappearinthefollowingissue. pleasetypeorprintclearly.please note*** no proofs will be furnished.Includename,address,postoffice,city,stateand zipcodeascountedwords.Abbreviationscountasonewordeach.MailtoamerICan handgunnerCLASSIFIEDS,12345WorldTradeDrive, SanDiego,California92128.note: we now have displaY Classified ads in both gunS magaZine and american Handgunner. ask for our new rate Card, or call (858) 605-0235. Quinetics Corporation!Reloadingsuppliesforthe reloader.Made in 500RoundBulkAmmo,startingat$130.00.Made intheUSA.FreeShipping.www.catammo.com814715-0727.9mm,40s&w,45acp. APPAREL THE BELTMANmakessturdy,topquality,DUAL LAYERbullhidebelts(notcow),fordresswear, concealedcarryorcompetitionfrom$69.95.HANDMADEintheUSAinthreewidthsandfivecolors. Anylength!Optionsinclude:Horse,Elephant, Velcro,tapering,stiffeners,etc.919-387-1997 www. AUCTIONS/SHOWS BOOKS COLLECTORS FOR SALE GUN PARTS Nefarious scoundrels have been trying to SCAM Handgunner readers by offering UNAUTHORIZED subscriptions for a ridiculously HIGH price. Don’t be a victim of this dastardly behavior! It’s easy to protect yourself; simply remember: NEVER pay more than $36 for a two year subscription to Handgunner! If it says $71, toss it! I’ve received a bunch of calls from you guys reporting suspicious offers to renew your subs to Handgunner. You have reported getting offers on mailing pieces looking SUSPICIOUSLY similar to ours. They direct you to write a check or submit a credit card number for the OUTRAGEOUS price of $71 (that’s almost twice the published price!!!). They APPEAR to be from us — but they are most certainly NOT! While it’s still rare, it has occurred, so keep a SHARP eye and don’t be shy about questioning something like this. It’s EASY to make sure it’s legit. Confirm the Handgunner ID NUMBER on the top line of the renewal label matches your ID on the magazine you get. The price is never higher than $19.75 for one year, or $36.75 for two. Our offers say “Make check payable to American Handgunner (NOT SOME SLEAZY THIRD PARTY!). The return address will be either 12345 World Trade Dr. San Diego, or PO Box 509093 in San Diego — ANYTHING ELSE SPELLS TROUBLE! Keep in mind, we’re a phone call away. Pick up the phone and dial (858) 605-0253 to chat with one of our ace subscription ladies or go to www.americanhandgunner. com and click on “Contacts” to reach us. We’re all actual human beings and will be happy to help YOU out anytime. You can always drop me a note at if you think I can help out, want to report a scam or have a question. -- Roy Huntington, Editor DOG GRIPS LLC The Original Rattlesnake Grips GUNS FOR SALE GUNSMITHING INSTRUCTION KNIVES & SWORDS LEATHERCRAFT MILITARIA MILITARY SURPLUS MISCELLANEOUS Iraq, Afghanistan, Law Enforcement, FBI, Texas Rangers. Where you find warriors, you will find DOG GRIPS. The Warrior’s Choice WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM 103

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