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American Handgunner Jul/Aug 2010 - Page 97

GUNNYSACK Roy Huntington really like simple. I like watches with analog faces, on/off switches you can actually find, and not too many controls on things. Alas, in today’s world, I feel more and more like a dinosaur, and maybe there’s a lesson there. Combat lights of all kinds exist by the truck-full nowadays, and while many are simple, rugged and effective, I have to tell you many have proven more complicated than I thought necessary. I recently got a light (made for street cops) and I’ll be perfectly honest with you I couldn’t figure out how to install the batteries. I MICRON 30 And once I read the 45 page manual, I got the batteries in, turned it on and couldn’t figure out how to turn it back off, without cycling through blinking strobes, red/green/ amber and blue LEDs, low power, medium power and high power modes. I finally took the batteries out since I remembered how I put them in. The Micron 30 is one of the former. It has exactly one switch, and it turns it off and on. Slide it to the left, it’s on; to the right, it’s on, and in the middle it’s off. Lets you use either finger to make it go. To put the battery in you unscrew the obviously knurled part (knurling = turning things usually), put the one small battery in, screw it back down and it works. Oh, and it has two “modes” — on or off. Imagine that. While at about 40 lumens you’re not going to blind your opponent or melt his retina, the Micron 30 only weighs 1.3 ounces, burns for about three hours, is water resistant (like rain, not underwater), and it’s very nifty on small, compact and sub-compact guns. Plus, at about $80 won’t break your bank. The white LED is guaranteed for 50,000 hours and I honestly didn’t see anything on it that would break. The clip is patent-pending and makes honest one-handed “on/off” your gun a reality. Would I buy this if I were going to war — probably not. But for someone on a budget, or for an off-duty/second gun, the Micron 30 deserves a look-see. It uses “N” or LR1 batteries, which help to keep it extra-tiny. For more info: Shotshell Hunting Line The Fiocchi Tundra Tungsten compound is the breakthrough innovation in waterfowl hunting. Deforms like Lead, can be used with ALL chokes AND is non toxic. Available in 9.5 g./cc (superior weight to Bismuth) and 12.5 g./cc (superior weight to lead). For the Fiocchi dealer near you, Call 417.449.1043 / visit WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM 97

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