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American Handgunner Jul/Aug 2010 - Page 44

Cool John Connor Photo: Roy Huntington CuTTers TOPSandBuckhaveconspiredtobuildatank-tough foldercalledtheSCAR-T.It’sgotG-10handlesandaTOPSdesigned3.75"modifiedTanto-blade,reversibleclipand beltpouch.Icouldn’tbreakit—andItried! he Memsaab Helena and I ain’t much on “dressin’ up.” But if the occasion calls for something dressier than faded bush shorts or cargos and old worn-soft field shirts, we go straight for the circus suits: a classic black tux for me, and for her, either the short scarlet drop-dead dancin’ number or the long white gown I call her “Avenging Angel” outfit. Hey; I figure, if you’re gonna go, go for the gold, right? A coupla weeks ago, that kinda event came up, and I thought I looked pretty spiff; almost proto-human, y’know? So I was kinda dumfoozled when she got a look on her face like she was suckin’ a lemon and asked, Carry The755MPR—“Mini-PocketRocket”—isBenchmade’slatest winner,featuringa2.9"bladeofM390 steel,titaniummono-lockandpocketclip, andnicelytexturedG10handlescales. Here’samateforyourfavoriteSureFiretacticallight:Built forfightingandfunctionality,theEW-09Edgehasa 154CMblade,7075aluminumframe,anintegral titaniumlinerlock,andmachined-inhex wrenches;kindofatoolbox withabite… T FromAlaskatoAfrica,warriors,wizardsandtacticaltrollsarebettingtheir livesonGraymanKniveslikethisfoot-longplusDefender.Simplystated, they’resomeofthetoughestknivesI’veeverhandled,folks. 44 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • JULY/AUGUST2010

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