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American Handgunner Jul/Aug 2010 - Page 33

New Loads for 2010! A stunning breakthrough in personal defense ammunition design. • The patented FTX® bullet will expand reliably EVERY SINGLE TIME! • Optimized propellants burn quickly, reduce recoil and limit muzzle flash to protect night vision. • Shiny nickel cases resist tarnish and greatly enhance low-light chamber checks. Concealed carry and personal defense ammunition is redefined with the introduction of Hornady Critical Defense ammunition. You may have never thought about the effects of fabric and clothing on the performance of personal defense ammo. But clothing — especially heavy clothing — has a lot to do with how the bullet expands upon impact. Conventional hollow point bullets clog with fibers and fabric as they pass through clothing which diminishes expansion and causes unreliable bullet performance. Hornady Critical Defense ammunition eliminates clogging with the use of their patented Flex Tip® bullet. Upon entering soft tissue, the tip swells and imparts equal pressure across the entire circumference of the bullet cavity. The result is UNRIVALED bullet expansion and performance EVERY SINGLE TIME! Flex Tip ® technology guarantees 100% reliable performance in every situation. Hornady Critical Defense ammunition is available in these calibers: • 380 Auto • 38 Special • 38 Special +P • 9mm Luger Conventional hollow point bullets perform unreliably when encountering heavy fabric or layers of clothing. ! NEW For 2010 • 357 Mag • 12 ga 00 Buckshot • 40 S&W • 45 Auto PO Box 1848 Grand Island, NE 68802 308-382-1390

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