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American Handgunner Jul/Aug 2010 - Page 47

RaFFle Gun Duo! Roy HunTinGTon Win This American Pistolsmiths Guild Two Prized Guns — Two Winners! or the first time, the American Pistolsmiths Guild has elected to submit an “ultimate” duo of custom handguns from member pistolsmiths for their yearly raffle. This “Field Gun” and “Museum Piece” are a matched set, both in .45 Colt caliber and both with the kinds of custom touches only the talents of the APG can deliver. While both could defend your family, take game or simply be enjoyed for what they are, we think the “field” gun will see the most use! For a test of the field-grade gun (on the left) please see Handgunner’s own John Taffin’s Taffin Tests in this issue. John ran this Guild gun through its paces to see just how it performs in the real world. So you get a bit of addedvalue if you win — an elegant working sixgun, and one John Taffin had and shot for Handgunner! Among the custom features of the engraved gun are: • S&W Model 25 and full under-lug barrel for a Model 29. • Roy Fishpaw’s elegant handmade ivory grips, carefully fitted to this handgun. WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM F • SDM Fabricating’s Scott Mulkerin shortened and crowned the barrel, installed the front sight and modified the rib to match the receiver. The factory receiver was fitted with an 1950-style skinny rib barrel while the M29 barrel had the target-width rib. Scott also supplied the fixed rear sight, McGivern bead front sight blade and the thumb-piece. • Jack Weigand of Weignad Combat Handguns supplied the DX-Style front sight base for hand-detachable blades. • Turnbull Restorations mangaged their stunning color case on the hammer and trigger. • Delta Gun Shop, ACGG member Jim Dubell, did the rebore of the Model 29 barrel to.45 caliber. • Accomplished engraver and artist Brian Powley applied his magic on the engraving. • The shop of Hamilton Bowen (Bowen Classic Arms) fitted the barrel and applied the markings, tuned it, applied the black powder cylinder Photo: Robbie Barrkman chamfer, regulated the sights and dignified the big revolver with their proprietary blued finish. * To win, make out a check or money order or send cash ($20 per ticket) to: The American Pistolsmiths Guild (buy more to increase your chances to win!), then mail it to: American Pistolsmiths Guild, 3775 Foskett Road, Medina Ohio, 44256. Please include your complete return address, phone number and e-mail address if you have one. The drawing will be held on September 15th, or sooner if all the tickets are sold out before that date. The first winner has first choice of gun. 47

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